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The End of an Era: Shows to Watch in the Absence of 'Mad Men'
On May 17 we bid farewell to Don, Peggy, Joan, Roger, Betty and all our other favorites who we've come to know and love on "Mad Men." The hit series, which premiered on AMC in 2007, paved the way for other AMC shows and redefined the network altogether. If you're missing it already, you can [...]

$50 Million Stolen in IRS Attack: Russian Hackers Suspected Identity Thieves
So far, 2015 has not been the year for the IRS and other tax-related services. First, Turbo Tax was rumored to have been breached and temporarily halted state e-filing in the wake of multiple fraud attempts. Then, word got out that state tax fraud had spiked an incredible 3700% from last year. No...

5 Ways to Teach Your Teen About Money
Learning how to manage money is one of the most important lessons that a teenager can have imparted upon them while they are still living with their parents or guardians. The financial climate in America is not the greatest, what with student loan debt skyrocketing and credit card debt slated to ...

How People Search Services Work on a Larger Scale
Sometimes we're pleasantly surprised by a service we?re familiar with when it exceeds our expectations. People search services have, until now, been known best for performing routine background checks and helping to locate long lost relatives or friends. These days, we're seeing such services bei...

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RingCentral has products and plans for VoIP, cloud storage and online meetings, as well as Internet fax. Its cheapest plan is just $7.99/month and it also has an unlimited plan option, making it a [...]

RapidFax allows you to send and receive faxes with an account online or via your personal email address, and it is rapid, as the name suggests. Its customer support is prompt and helpful in [...]

Nextiva vFax
Nextiva is more than a VoIP phone service provider; it also offers several Internet faxing plans for both businesses and individuals. It's one of the least expensive services we reviewed, and with an [...]

MyFax is an easy-to-use service that provides lifetime storage for your sent and received faxes. However, it does not offer many pages in its monthly plans, which we found to be a bit higher in cost [...]

MetroFax is an Internet faxing service with flexible plans to fit your needs and budget, making it a good fit for both smaller and larger businesses. Its responsive customer support team and helpful [...]

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