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5 Things Excellent Credit Can Do for You
Have you ever thought of how an excellent credit score may impact your life? It's no secret that there are a number of benefits to having a high score. Simply put, it can affect many of your current and future financial decisions. If your credit is excellent, for instance, you have a better chanc...

Will Checking My Personal Loan Rate Hurt My Credit?
Q: I received a letter in the mail telling me I might qualify for a personal loan. Will it hurt my credit to request a quote to see what my personal loan rate will be? Personal loan services will sometimes send letters or fliers in the mail to tell you that you might qualify to [...]

How Well Do You Know Your Credit Card?
Credit cards are a go-to form of payment for millions and millions of people throughout this country. Since they play such an important role in all of our lives, it's essential to make sure we understand nearly every aspect of our credit cards, considering we're the ones who have to foot the bill...

Net Nanny vs. SocialShield: Which Parental Control Software is Best?
Life is already stressful enough for parents, which is why trying to keep your children safe while surfing the web doesn't need to be an added stress. We all know that there are people and things on the Internet that we do not want our children to come in contact with. To help alleviate this stre...

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Discover it® for Students - $20 Cashback Bonus
The Discover it® for Students is great student card that offers a 0% APR on balance transfers for 6 months, a $20 bonus opportunity and the ability to earn significant cash rewards. Cardholders [...]

Mad Mimi
Intuitive and sleek, Mad Mimi is free for anyone who wants to send emails to less than 2500 contacts. And at $12.00 per month for those who want to send to up to 1000 contacts, it is a great deal if [...]

GoToMyPC is made by Citrix, the same company that produces GoToMeeting, an online meeting product we enjoyed testing. Citrix excels at user-friendly interfaces and program simplicity. GoToMyPC, while [...]

Net Nanny
[Editor's note: Net Nanny is offering NextAdvisor users a 25% discount, no coupon required. Just follow any links from NextAdvisor to Net Nanny.] Net Nanny is probably the best-known [...]

ADT Home Security
ADT is one of the most recognizable home security systems on the market. They offer everything you could imagine in a security service including remote monitoring, video surveillance and medical [...]

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