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HTML 5 drag-and-drop editor; free and paid plans; hundreds of templates; highly customizable features in its app market

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Wix has gained a lot of notoriety in the web-building world, especially for its forever free plan. It uses an extremely user-friendly, drag-and-drop editor with a modern layout that is easy on the eyes. As the company claims, your website is fully customizable, and it's no wonder the platform has over 66 million users and continues to grow.

Plans and Pricing

Wix has a few options available for its premium plans, but it also offers a free plan. This plan gives you 500 MB of storage, 1 GB bandwidth, unlimited pages, mobile optimization and all of the templates that the premium plans include. It's important to note, however, that with the free plan, Wix ads and a Wix domain will appear. For example, your URL with a free Wix account website would read like so: username.wix.com/sitename.

There are five different premium plans to choose from if you opt to not go with the free plan, all of which include free hosting, free templates, Google Analytics, premium support and no set-up fees. All of these plans also include the option to connect an existing domain, a mobile optimized site and a 14-day money back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied.

Connect Domain Plan
The most basic plan is the Connect Domain Plan and costs $5/month for an annual subscription or $7/month with a monthly subscription. It's important to note that this is the only premium plan that displays Wix ads, which appear as a banner across the bottom of your site. With this plan, you get 500 MB of storage and 1 GB bandwidth.

Combo Plan
The next setup is the Combo Plan, which is said to be best for personal use. In addition to everything the Connect Domain plan offers, you also get a free domain with Wix for one year, 3 GB of storage, 2 GB bandwidth, a customized Favicon (which is a customized icon displayed next to your URL in the address bar) and no Wix ads on desktop or mobile. The Combo Plan costs $10/month with an annual subscription or $14/month for month-to-month. Note that the month-to-month plan does not offer a free domain voucher.

Unlimited Plan
The Unlimited Plan is described as the most popular for entrepreneurs and freelancers. This plan costs $14/month annually or $16/month on a monthly basis, and includes everything from the Combo Plan, plus $300 in ad vouchers (for Google AdWords, Bing Ads and local listings), two premium apps, 10 GB of storage and unlimited bandwidth. The two premium apps are Site Booster, to increase traffic and SEO, and Form Builder, for creating contact forms. The month-to-month subscription does not provide a free domain, premium apps or ad vouchers.

eCommerce Plan
The plan that Wix claims is best for small businesses is the eCommerce Plan, coming in at $17/month with an annual subscription or $20/month if you choose to pay month-to-month. You get most of the Unlimited Plan's features and 20 GB of storage, 20 GB bandwidth and an online store to sell products. A monthly subscription doesn't offer you a free domain, premium apps or ad vouchers.

VIP Plan
The top-tiered plan is the VIP Plan. This plan includes all of the features the other premium plans offer, plus VIP support line, 20 GB of storage, unlimited bandwidth, priority call back and instant response with customer support and a professional site review. The VIP Plan costs $25/month annually or $30/month on a monthly basis. A month-to-month subscription does not provide a free domain, premium apps or ad vouchers.

Getting Started

To sign up with Wix, you will be prompted to enter an email address and password, then re-enter this information for confirmation. Or, you can sign up with an active Facebook or Google+ account by authorizing Wix access to either of these accounts. After entering our credentials, we immediately received a friendly welcoming email and were taken to the welcome page. Here, we selected a theme from a list of categories, then chose a second, more specific theme. For example, if you select Restaurant & Hospitality as your main theme, the more specific theme options include Hotel, Bar & Club, Cafe & Restaurant, Catering & Entertaining and Food & Drink. If you'd prefer to see a preview of all of the categories and templates available, you can do so by clicking All Templates at the bottom of this page.

When choosing the template that you'd like to use for your website, Wix gives you the option to view it on desktop and mobile so you get an idea of what it will look like. You are free to change your template at any time while building your website. After you select the theme you want to use, it will open the HTML editor and a pop-up video starts playing automatically with a few tips to getting started.

Creating Your Website

Unlike other website builders, Wix does not offer different themes for each plan type. Even with the free plan, you have access to hundreds of fully customizable templates. There aren't special templates that are reserved for premium plan holders either. Anyone with a Wix account has access to the same themes. The categories feature everything from Music and Entertainment to Online Stores and Blogs. The subcategories are extremely detailed too. The Online Stores category, for example, features options such as Women's Fashion, Accessories Shop and an Apothecary Shop. Wix also offers Landing Page templates, which are perfect for those looking to launch a new app or start a fundraising campaign.

Creating your Wix website is completed in three simple steps: start with your home page, customize anything and publish your website. Before you start customizing your website, Wix will prompt you to enter your domain name or connect it to a personal domain you already have registered. You can change this domain name at any time, or click out of this box to continue building your website before deciding which domain that you'd like to use.

Editing Your Website

Once the HTML editor loads, you are ready to customize your website. At the top left-hand side of this screen, you can switch between your website's desktop and mobile displays. The first time you view your mobile website, a quick tutorial pops up that explains what things mean and how you can rearrange your pages by simply dragging and dropping. We really liked this feature because it allows you to edit the way you want the mobile version of your website to operate, as opposed to a program generating a default mobile website for you. Also next to these toggle tools is a drop-down menu that allows you to navigate between the different pages on your website, such as Home, About Us, Menu, etc.

Your editing tools are aligned on the left-hand side of your website and are user-friendly icons with pictures to illustrate what each tool does. The first one is Pages, which allows you to add, edit and delete pages on your website. You can reorder your pages with the drag-and-drop feature and create subpages here by dragging your mouse to the right. For example, you can create a Contact subpage under your About Us main page. Here, you can also change how your pages transition, such as a vertical or horizontal swipe, a cross fade or no transition.

The paint brush tool is for editing and customizing the design of your website. This includes things like your background, which you can either select from Wix or Bigstock or upload your own JPEG, PNG or GIF file. The Wix and Bigstock images are free with your Wix membership. If you choose to upload your own, you can also select images from your Facebook, Instagram or Flickr account. The plus symbol icon is the Add tool. This allows you to add text, images, media, photo galleries, menus and blogs to pages on your website.

You can edit additional settings, such as your site address and SEO titles and keywords with Google under the Settings tool. This is also where you can view your website statistics and add a Favicon, if you have a premium plan.

Other Features

In addition to editing and customization tools, Wix also offers a few other helpful features to enhance your website.

Social Media
Wix has an App Market under its toolbar that allows you to add features and popular services to your website, including social media. There are numerous apps here for social media, depending on how you want to connect your social media platforms to your site. You can add a simple Facebook share button, or a more detailed one that displays your Facebook comments for your site visitors to see directly on your website. There are also apps to add your Instagram feed to your site as well as your live Twitter feed.

Contact and Location
Most of the templates featured on Wix will automatically generate a Contact and About Us page for you. If you choose to enter your business phone number and address, it will automatically connect it to Google Maps and display this map on your page with no additional actions required on your end.

Audio and Video
These features are actually available under the Add tool. For video, you can add a YouTube URL to one of your pages and enable or disable auto-play. For audio, you have a few different options. You can add and embed a link to SoundCloud, or add an iTunes or Spotify button. If you choose to do the latter, you will prompted to enter a link to your iTunes playlist, and for Spotify, you can either enter a URL or search Spotify for a particular song, album or playlist to display on your website. Additionally, you can add your own MP3 files from your computer, the limit for which is 15 MB per file.

Other Apps
The Wix App Market has a ton of features you can add and customize for your website. These features include things such as a form builder, a comments area for user engagement, an events calendar, weather forecast, Google AdSense, Etsy shop and PayPal buttons for transactions. Some of these apps are free for all users, and some are only free to those who have a premium account with Wix.

A really nice feature that Wix offers to its users, those with a free or premium plan, is its Get Feedback tool. This tool allows you to get feedback from those you trust before publishing your website. When using this tool, Wix generates a link for you to send out via email. Then, reviewers can leave comments on specific items on your website which are only viewable by you, the website creator. If a comment is added, you will receive a notification and can choose to either leave the comment there while you're editing, click OK to hide it or trash it so it disappears completely.

Customer Support

Wix has a help center online that features a FAQ page, demo videos and how-to tutorials as well as the option to review other users' submitted tickets. You can submit your own ticket if you have a question or concern and select whether you'd like your ticket to remain public or private. We were pleasantly surprised that our ticket was answered within a mere four hours after submitting it, and the agent was fully knowledgeable and friendly in their response. Additionally, you do have the option to phone its support team, which is available daily from 6 a.m. to 5 p.m. PT. Wix also offers a Scheduled Call service that allows you to schedule a specific time slot for the Wix team to reach out to you if you do not want to be placed on hold. The phone representative was equally as friendly and knowledgeable as the representative who answered our email ticket.


The website building templates and tools Wix offers are exactly what they claim to be, fully customizable. The apps you can add to your website are endless and its customer support team is superb. It offers many different plan types, so you're sure to find one that fits your needs. And with a 14-day money back guarantee, it's definitely worth trying out.

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Service Details

Free Trial:Free plan option;
14-day money back guarantee for paid plans
Cheapest Plan:$7/mo or $5/mo (w/annual subscription)
Page Allowance:Unlimited
SEO:Available on select premium plans
Additional Apps/Features:
Customer Service:Email, phone

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