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GoDaddy WebBuilder
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Limitless editing options; online menu builder is handy for restaurants; easy-to-customize templates; ability to add or edit HTML coding

Full Review:
GoDaddy is most popular for its web hosting abilities, but it also hosts an extremely user-friendly website building tool, WebBuilder, that allows you to create professional-looking websites for your personal or business use with ease.

Plans and Pricing

GoDaddy's WebBuilder feature has three different plans, all of which offer a free domain with an annual plan, 20 pages and a free one-year subscription to Microsoft Office 365, which also includes a business email.

Personal Plan
This plan costs $5.99/month (with an annual prepay), and the plan offers you unlimited disk space and unlimited bandwidth.

Business Plan
The Business plan, said to be its most popular plan, provides the Personal plan’s features and PayPal integration, SSL, SEO and donation capabilities. This plan costs $9.99/month (with an annual prepay).

Business Plus Plan
The Business Plus plan costs $14.99/month (with an annual prepay). This plan includes GoDaddy's Business plan features, social media integration, email marketing and global optimization.

Online Store Plan
For $29.99/month (with an annual prepay), you can subscribe to the Online Store plan. This subscription offers the Business Plus Plan's features and extended eCommerce add-ons, such as a built-in shopping cart and abandoned cart recovery.

In addition, there are a few add-ons that you can tack onto the plans. If you select the Personal plan, which does not include SEO or the SSL certificate, you can pay an additional fee to use these features. An SSL certificate keeps any transactions on your website encrypted and secure, and costs $69.99/year. Search Engine Visibility is priced at $6.99/month for a 12-month subscription. Additionally, you also have the option to get your business listed on popular sites, such as Google, Yelp and Foursquare, for $11.99/month. If you don't already have a domain registered for your website, GoDaddy also offers web hosting for registered users at an additional price.

Getting Started

Before you start using any of the services that GoDaddy offers, you must first register as a GoDaddy user. You will be asked to enter your name, email address and billing information as well as create a username, password and four-digit PIN, for extra security purposes. You then select your plan type and choose whether or not you'd like to sign up for additional services. After you review your order and confirm your payment information, you will receive a confirmation email with an invoice and your account information. To begin using the service, you can either use the getting started link in your confirmation email or log in directly on the confirmation web page.

Creating Your Website

Before you start building your website, you will be prompted to connect it to your domain or web address. GoDaddy gives you three ways to do this: select a domain registered with GoDaddy, enter a domain registered elsewhere or create a new domain with GoDaddy. You can change your domain at any time, but you are required to enter one before you start. Once it's connected, you are ready to start building your website.

Editing Your Website

To start editing your website, you are required to enter your site or business name and email address, where contact forms will be sent. Adding a business category, phone number and physical address is optional. Once you confirm these details, a short how-to video pops up and gives you a quick overview of how to edit your website; you do have the option to click out of this video if you wish. Your main dashboard displays statistics for your visitors, top referrers (how your visitors got to your website) and top locations (where your visitors are from). You can filter these statistics by this month, last month or an average total.

Your pages are displayed under your statistics. The defaults are Home, Contact and Menu, but you can delete and add as many additional pages as you'd like. When editing your page, a collapsible toolbar of widgets will appear on the left-hand side. Some of the widget features include things like adding a page, text, images or image slideshows and links. All of these tools also provide you with detailed editing options. For example, when adding text, you can change the background color, add a border and change the text color. If you choose to upload images from Facebook or Instagram, you must first authorize WebBuilder to access your account by signing in and connecting.

You can edit and alter just about anything that you add to your website with very specific details. We really liked the auto-save feature and the option to undo or redo any action that we made while editing our pages. There's a drop-down menu at the top of the screen that allows you to toggle back and forth between all of the pages you have associated with your website. You can preview what your website will look like before you click publish, which shows you how it will look on a desktop and mobile device, if you have selected one of the Business plans. You also have the options to add or edit your own HTML coding if you wish to do so.

Other Features

GoDaddy is not lacking when it comes to additional features either; it gives you detailed editing options for things such as social media and even has tools that help you build menus and stores online.

Social Media
GoDaddy has a few different options for social media buttons. The Share widget will put "follow" or "like" buttons for your Facebook, Twitter and Google+ accounts. There are also separate Facebook and Twitter widgets. The Facebook widget will display how many "likes" your page has and provide a small preview of its "likers," and the Twitter widget will post a real-time feed of the tweets from your Twitter account. To enable either of these widgets, you must sign into the respective accounts and grant WebBuilder authorization to connect.

Contact and Location
You can add your personal contact information, complete with Google Maps to display your location visually. Additionally, your contacts are accessible in list form on your main dashboard, but you must first have the subscribe widget added on your website. You can add this widget to your main home page or to any of your other pages. This will create a short form on your website for visitors to enter their name, email address, subject and a message. Once they submit a message, their email address will automatically be added to your contact list.

Menus and Pricing
A really nice feature that GoDaddy has included in its WebBuilder is an online menu builder. This feature allows you to build a menu and price list directly on GoDaddy within a few short minutes. You can also create multiple menus — for example, a drink menu, a dinner menu and a dessert menu.

Audio and Video
GoDaddy gives you the option to add an audio player and videos to your website, via YouTube. The audio player will create a playlist and you can add MP3 files that are no more than 30 MB per file. The YouTube widget will ask you to enter a working URL. For both of these, you can choose whether or not you want the audio/video to start automatically when visitors access your page.

Other Apps
In addition to the aforementioned tools, WebBuilder also gives you the option to add your email marketing campaign to your page with a subscribe button, add your recent Yelp ratings and reviews to your page as well as add a payment button with PayPal. When adding this button, you can select it to read as Buy Now, Add to Cart, Donate or Buy Gift Certificate. If you have signed up for the SSL certificate, GoDaddy says it will keep your customers' payment information secure with encryption.

Customer Support

GoDaddy has a help page with troubleshooting guides, how-to resources and a FAQ page. It also offers support via email, live chat and phone. Its phone support is available 24/7, and live chat can be accessed from 5 a.m. to midnight MT every day. The customer service representatives were friendly and knowledgeable and all of our questions were fully answered. The wait time on the phone and live chat averages about 10 minutes, but you are quoted with a wait time when your first connect, and we found this wait time to be exact.


GoDaddy's WebBuilder is a great option for website building with virtually unlimited options for editing and additional tools and features that you may not find with more basic web builders.

Compare to Other Website Building Services

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Service Details

Free Trial:One-month free trial
Cheapest Plan:$5.99/mo (with an annual prepay)
Page Allowance:20 pages
SEO:Included in Business, Business Plus, and Online Store plans
Additional Apps/Features:
Customer Service:Email, phone, live chat

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