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Bottom Line:
A mid-priced option with decent features but poor customer support and policies

Full Review:
Just Host is reasonably-priced and does have some cool features, but its limitations and confusing customer support keep it from being a top-rated web hosting service.


Just Host falls in the middle of the range price-wise at $3.50 per month for 4 years without any set-up or registration fees. If you want domain privacy (something we generally recommend and which some web hosts offer for free), you'll pay an optional $11.87 annual charge. Registration is free for the first year with Just Host, a nice but somewhat standard offer. Also standard is "unlimited" storage and data transfer. If four years is too long for you, Just Host offers a range of plans from 3 years down to a single month, that run from $3.45 to $14.95 per month respectively.

Basic Features

We created a site with the included Sitebuilder, which has some of the nicest-looking templates we've seen. Adding our own text to them was fairly easy, though not as intuitive as with a true WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor. Still, it handily creates the structure and layout for a basic website.

Our Wordpress blog was installed easily and instantly, which was nice though fairly standard. Likewise, the shopping carts were easily installed, though Zen Cart and Cube Cart are fairly complex to start using. These seem like good solutions for users who want to sell and manage a fairly extensive inventory. If you have fewer items, and don't want to spend a lot of time on your online catalog, you should look to a host with simpler tools, like HostGator or FatCow.

Basic Advanced Features

For advanced users, Just Host offers unlimited MySQL databases and support for SSI, Python, Perl, PHP, Ruby on Rails and CGI. Shared hosting accounts use servers running on the Linux operating system, and users do have shell access (SSH). This makes them a fairly average choice for the advanced web hosting user.


Just Host is pretty average when it comes to usability, pairing the fairly-standard cPanel control panel with a few innovations of its own. We weren't big fans of the popups that appeared over the interface periodically, but had no trouble finding most features in their standard locations.


Where Just Host does fall down is its customer experience. When checking out, we were constantly hit with offers for various add-ons. Also, a request for domain privacy also didn't work the first time we signed up for it.

The support is primarily limited to online chat and a trouble-ticket system. You may also find a number for telephone support, but our experience with that support system was not great. After a long hold time we had a disappointing call; we were advised to just send an email support ticket. The trouble ticket had a 7-hour turnaround time when we tried it the first time. Subsequent tries were within the hour turnaround time promised, but the policies are not customer friendly. That being said, we think that their pro-rated refund policy is pretty decent. If you're unhappy with them, they'll refund the remainder of your term (minus $15.99 for the domain registration).


Though Just Host was fairly good in many areas, lots of add-on charges, pop-up windows and unsatisfying customer support give us pause.

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Service Details

Cheapest Price:$3.45/mo
Storage/Data Transfer:Unlimited
Money-Back Guarantee:Prorated refund
Domain:Free for 1 year
Support:Phone, Email, Chat

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