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Lowest price ($6.21/month) if you pay for 2 years upfront, great sound quality, $0 setup costs, and U.S.-based customer support

Full Review:
The name "VOIPo" may sound like one of the lost Marx brothers, but in fact it's a leading provider of VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) phone service. VOIPo is owned by the people behind HostGator, one of our favorite web hosting providers. VOIPo bills itself as "The Likable Phone Company" and indeed, there's a lot to like about it.

Plans and Pricing

VOIPo offers some of the cheapest unlimited domestic calling plans available, from a no-commitment $15.00-per-month package to a two-year plan that comes out to $6.21 per month (billed in a single payment of $149.00). This may seem like a high sum to pay all at once, but once you imagine getting a whole two year of unlimited domestic phone service for $149.00, it suddenly doesn't seem like very much, particularly once you start adding up your current local and long-distance phone bills. And, for a limited time, if you sign up through NextAdvisor, then VOIPo will add two free months of service onto the end of your term, which means you can save even more money. There is also a small $3 taxes and fees charge at checkout that adds up to $36 if you choose the two-year plan, which covers surcharges and the cost of the E911 service.

Equipment and Setup

We were easily able to set up VOIPo on our home test system. The small VoIP adapter that comes free with VOIPo service acts as a digital intermediary, turning data into voice—and vice versa. Plug it into your modem and/or router or computer, and you're good to go. The adapter can accommodate two regular telephones. We suggest exactly following the instructions provided by VOIPo, especially the part about resetting the modem, converter, and router/computer in order.

In addition to the directions provided along with the VoIP adapter, more information about installation is available online in the VOIPo knowledgebase, along with troubleshooting information.

Call Quality

When we first picked up our telephone handset to make a call, we didn't have high hopes. The dial tone sounded noisy and full of static. However, once we connected our call, the sound was clear and fairly warm, without any noticeable echo or delay. There was a slight delay between when we dialed and when the phone started ringing, something not uncommon with VoIP providers.


VOIPo includes over 35 calling features, including call waiting, caller ID, three-way calling, call forwarding, 411 directory assistance, and voicemail. The voicemail feature is particularly useful. You can choose to be notified of new voicemails via email and/or text message. The email messages even come with a recording of the message attached, so you can listen to voicemails from your email client. Voicemail can also be checked online using the vPanel web interface described below, or by calling your phone number from any telephone and entering your security code.

VOIPo also includes e911 service. When you sign up for VOIPo, the company will establish your location with the address you used to sign up, and this address will be given to emergency responders if you dial 911. Should you move, you should update this information with them. Of course, as with all VoIP providers, you will not have service if your Internet connection or your electricity goes down, so it helps if you have a cell phone for backup.

Fortunately, this and other services are easily managed through the vPanel, VOIPo's web-based account maintenance system. It's easy to turn features on and off, as well as to check your account balance and calling history.

Customer Service

VOIPo offers customer service and support over the phone, via email and via live web chat. Support is not outsourced, and all technicians are based in the United States. VOIPo is particularly prompt and helpful via the live web chat with answers to questions ranging from billing to technical assistance. VOIPo also maintains an extensive online help knowledgebase and forum for users.


VOIPo's generous refund policy is certainly a point in the company's favor. There's a 30-day money-back guarantee, making it basically a no-risk proposition. If you cancel an annual plan after the 30 days are up, you can receive a pro-rated refund, so even though you paid in advance, you'll get your money back on any unused months in your contract.

International Calls

The calling plan includes unlimited calls in the United States and Canada. In addition, you'll get 60 minutes of free international calling to landlines in 30 other countries. VOIPo maintains an interactive list of countries included in their 60 free minutes per month under the "International" tab on their site. You can enter a country, a calling code or even an entire number to see the billing rate as well as whether the number is included in the plan or not. VOIPo has relatively low per-minute international rates, even to countries not covered by their free 60 minutes.


VOIPo has earned its place as one of our favorite VoIP services with unusually low prices, quality customer service, and a great feature set. If you're comfortable with a two-year commitment, we're pretty sure you can't find a better deal anywhere.

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Service Details

Plans:2-Year Unlimited: $6.21/mo

Unlimited: $15.00/mo
Setup Fees:None
$ Back Guarantee & Cancel Policy:30-day money-back guarantee; prorated refund on annual plans
Promotions:Free shipping; no setup fees; 60 minutes of free int'l calling per month; 2 free months of service
Countries Included:U.S. & Canada

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