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Included toll-free number, fax number, and other features make this a great choice for business VoIP

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Nextiva is one of the largest VoIP companies, and it boasts an impressive portfolio of customers, including Burger King, Allstate, IBM and Target. Don't let that roster of big companies scare you away, however. Nextiva offers comprehensive VoIP solutions for businesses of all sizes, and there are a number of incentives for new customers.


Nextiva offers service for as low as $25.95 per line, based on a 36-month contract with a minimum of 21 users. This covers unlimited calling in the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico. Currently there are no setup fees, and it offers a 30-day money-back guarantee. But where Nextiva really saves its customers money is in its offering of one toll-free number, one virtual fax number, and eight local numbers, more than any other VoIP provider we've reviewed. With other providers, you may pay additional fees to add on extra numbers or fax services. ​


Nextiva's VoIP packages include unlimited calling, call forwarding, multiple auto-attendants for a scalable touch-tone menu system, free Internet faxing, hold music, voicemail-to-email transcription, shared call appearance, and a full-featured, web-based interface that lets you manage your whole system easily. Plus, for employees who spend time away from the office, Nextiva offers a full mobile app integration, so your office is anywhere your employees are.


All VoIP providers require IP-enabled phones. Nextiva offers a variety phones to choose from depending on your business needs, starting at $69.95. Optionally, you can choose to convert regular telephones with VoIP adapters, which will cost you $55 each. This is a particularly good option for remote employees and home offices. ​


Complete technical support is provided by U.S.-based customer service agents via telephone, chat and email. Nextiva also maintains an online knowledgebase and video tutorials to assist customers with the most common questions and problems. For customers who are unsure if their trouble has to do with a local problem or a large issue with Nextiva service, the company also provides easy-to-find status information on its website to report any widespread problems.


If you're looking for a great price on a multi-number business VoIP system, Nextiva's VoIP solutions are well worth checking out. The company has a great track record and offers all the features you need for a great price.

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Service Details

Lowest price per user*:$25.95/mo

(based on 21-extension plan)
Setup Fees:No activation fee; shipping costs vary
$ Back Guarantee & Cancel Policy:30-day money-back guarantee; no cancellation penalty
Faxing:Available with additional line or Internet fax
Numbers Included:1 toll-free number and 8 local numbers

*Price is per extension, based on the maximum multi-line discount with unlimited calling

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