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Large feature set, 24/7 support make this a solid choice for small and medium businesses

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With tiered pricing and reasonable rates, Jive does a good job of balancing features and pricing. The company specializes in servicing small and medium-sized businesses with a flexible model and fair pricing. Jive emphasizes simplicity and transparency and charges no fees in addition to your regular monthly rate beyond the small monthly Regulatory Recovery Fee required by the government. In addition to hosted VoIP service, Jive offers broadband service suitable for small and medium-sized businesses.


Unlike many VoIP services, Jive's business VoIP plans are month to month and do not lock you into a long-term contract. Jive has a tiered pricing scheme, with increasing discounts for larger plans. Jive starts at $29.95/mo per user for 1-4 users. For 5-9 users, you'll pay $25.95/mo per user. Plans for 10-24 users cost $23.95/mo per user, and plans for 25-49 users cost $21.95/mo per user. You'll get the biggest discount for plans with 50 or more users, which come in at $19.95/mo per user.

In addition to the per-user rate, Jive adds $1.75/mo for each local or long distance number on the plan. You can use unlimited extensions, and extensions may be used for concurrent calling, so all users could theoretically be on the phone at the same time, even with just one phone number.


Jive does not charge by the minute for domestic calls, and all plans include unlimited calls within the United States each month as well as a free Internet fax service. If you'd like to place international calls, Jive offers fairly reasonable international rates. You can look up calling costs for any specific country you're interested in on Jive's site or ask a representative.

All Jive plans also include the same feature set, which is quite robust, ranging from unified messaging and unlimited auto attendants to virtual extensions, dial-by-name, find me follow me and custom schedules. Those who are used to a traditional office PBX system will find many if not all of the features they love from traditional PBX with Jive's service.


If you already have phones designed for hosted VoIP (sometimes called SIP phones), you will probably be able to use them with Jive (just check with a representative when you request your quote). If you need devices to use with your new service, Jive sells a range of compatible phones, including popular brands Polycom, Cisco and Panasonic. Currently, phones start at $75 for a basic desk model and range up from there. In addition to basic phones, Jive sells a selection of executive models as well as teleconference equipment and cordless phones.


Jive's technical support is based in the United States and available via phone, live web chat and an email ticket system. Phone support is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Jive also offers an extensive online knowledgebase, detailed manuals and instructional videos to help with common questions.


Combining reasonable prices and a strong set of features, Jive is a solid option for small and medium-sized businesses looking for a robust hosted VoIP solution. 24 hour support and comprehensive online help materials make this an accessible VoIP provider for beginners.

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Service Details

Lowest price per user*:$19.95/mo

(based on 50-extension plan)
Setup Fees:No activation fee; no shipping & handling
$ Back Guarantee & Cancel Policy:45-day money-back guarantee; month-to-month service
Faxing:Internet fax included with account (no add'l line needed)
Numbers Included:$1.75/month per local or toll-free number; unlimited extensions & concurrent calling

*Price is per extension, based on the maximum multi-line discount with unlimited calling

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