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Customizable plans with a wide range of included features and month-to-month service; good monthly pricing but high start up fees

Full Review:
1-VoIP offers customizable solutions for its business customers that put the user in charge of the configuration. Plans are month-to-month with no contracts or cancellation fees, and they offer a plethora of features to help make your business' phone service feel professional.


Similar to its residential service, 1-VoIP offers three plans for its business customers to choose from. The Corporate plan costs $24.97/month per extension. The Professional plan costs $34.97/month per extension, and includes a phone and an additional phone number. Both of these plans include unlimited incoming minutes and unlimited calls. If you need to save money and don't care about unlimited calling, there is also the Metered plan that costs $14.97/month per extension and 2 cents/minute.

Each additional phone number costs $4.95/month, and you have to pay $5.95/month for each toll-free number. Unfortunately, there is also an activation fee of $14.95 per user. You will also have to pay a shipping cost of $9.95 per item if you choose to receive any equipment with your plan, which can become costly.

1-VoIP does not require a contract, so you pay by the month and can cancel at any time. It also does not charge cancellation fees, so you won't be out any additional money if you decide to stop services.


In addition to some of the more common VoIP features such as digital call forwarding, voicemail that you can access from just about anywhere and virtual fax, 1-VoIP also offers a host of useful business-oriented features. These include the ability to record calls, an auto attendant so your customers can reach the person they need to with ease, customizable hold music and announcements, extension transfers, queues with custom messages for your callers to listen to and configurable hours of operation so that your business doesn't get calls at unwanted times. 1-VoIP has also recently integrated its system with a service called Nomorobo, which blocks telemarketing and robotic calls. This feature can be activated through the member panel when you are logged into your 1-VoIP account.


Business VoIP services require phones that can convert data to voice. 1-VoIP puts you in control of how your equipment is configured. You can supply your own equipment or choose to purchase phones from the service. It offers options from Cisco, Yealink and Polycom, which range from 1-to-12 lines and cost from $67 to $399 apiece. If you aren't sure what would work best for your business, you can choose to speak to an expert who will give you advice on what to get.

1-VoIP also has two models of receptionist consoles and bandwidth management routers available for purchase. The consoles cost $99 to $119, and the routers cost $99 to $149, depending on which model you choose.


1-VoIP customer service consists of email and telephone customer and technical support, which is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can choose to send an email through your own email client or submit a message using a form on the service's contact page. Emails we sent were responded to within an hour, and the customer service representatives we spoke to on the phone were friendly, courteous and picked up quickly without forcing us to listen to hold music or go through annoying menus. As a business customer, you also have the convenience of dialing *22 from any of your VoIP-connected phones to be instantly connected with technical support.


While 1-VoIP Business can be costly at signup, it offers plenty of great features, excellent customer service and the ability to tailor your service to your individual business needs. The trial period and competitor quote matching are a plus, month-to-month service with no contracts or cancellation fees means you can stop service at any time without penalty.

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Service Details

Lowest price per user*:$14.97/mo

(based on metered phone plan)


(based on unmetered phone plan)
Setup Fees:$14.95 per-extension activation fee; $9.95 per-item shipping & handling
$ Back Guarantee & Cancel Policy:No cancellation fees; month-to-month service; no money-back guarantee
Faxing:Internet fax included with account (no add'l line needed)
Numbers Included:1 local number included; $4.95 per add'l number; $5.95 per toll-free number

*Price is per extension, based on the maximum multi-line discount with unlimited calling

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