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Bottom Line:
Good interface and a great value, includes teleconferencing, but only 2 extensions and somewhat pricey

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Evoice is a product of j2 Global®, Inc., the company that also brought us eFax Internet faxing service. The two have a lot of things in common actually, though surprisingly faxing is not one of them. When we reviewed eFax we noted it had great tools and a strong interface, which we also found true from eVoice. While eFax can be a little expensive, a recent pricing change for eVoice brings it in line with the rest of this market.

Interface and Setup

The Interface is one of eVoice's strong points. It's refreshingly easy to find the options you need; everything is intuitively placed inside eVoice's simple menu system, yet it still feels robust. Its features are comparable to the other services, it's just easier to find them. The call routing screen, for instance, is found under call settings.

One thing that's not as easy with eVoice is recording your own message. If you want to record your own greeting, you must record it on your computer using your own recording software and then upload it via the eVoice interface. However, you can easily change the message spoken by the robo voice, or pay an additional fee for a professional recording.

Service and Features

Call quality with eVoice is equal to others in this category. We found calling using virtual phone with the included iPhone app over a Wi-Fi connection was actually better than routing the call through our cell phone's normal voice connection. This also allows you to call using the minutes and anonymity provided by your eVoice service.

Evoice also wins the award for the best hold music: Dave Brubeck's classic jazz piece, "Take 5." Of course you don't have to choose hold music, you can also have it simply ring, or screen your calls with just the robo voice.

One novel feature not found elsewhere is built-in support for phone conferencing. Simply distribute the information the system provides to your attendees, and you can conference with up to 95 people. You are, however, charged per minute, per attendant, so the costs can add up. Additionally, eVoice offers voicemail-to-text conversion. You can have text transcriptions of your voicemails sent to you by email or text message.

Our only real complaint about the service is the small number of extensions. Two extensions will not be enough for many small businesses, and an upgrade may be necessary.

Pricing and Minutes

Unlike other virtual phone services we reviewed, eVoice has no yearly discount; it's $12.99/month for 300 minutes and two extensions. However, you get a generous 30-day free trial. An upgraded plan of $29.99/month gives you 1,000 minutes and five extensions, while $49.99/month gets you 2,000 minutes and 10 extensions and $79.99/month gets you 4,000 minutes and 15 extensions. All plans also include a 30-day free trial.


We really like eVoice. It does not do everything that RingCentral does, but it does most of it, and does it much more intuitively. We can only really quibble with the small number of extensions. If you don't need any more extensions, and you do need conference calling, it's a clear winner.

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Service Details

Annual Plan Price:$12.99/mo
Free Trial:30-day free trial
Domestic Minutes:300/mo
Additional Minutes:5.9¢

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