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A virtual phone number gives your small business a big business feel, even if your company is only two people. Your small business can benefit from fantastic features such as virtual PBX, multiple extensions, custom mail boxes, configurable calling hours, and call hunting and forwarding. How does it work? Sign up for any of these services and you'll receive a virtual phone number that acts as a single point of access for your business, and you can have those calls forwarded to any number (or numbers) you choose. Configure your mail boxes, set up a greeting, and you're ready to go. No special equipment is necessary beyond the phones you already have. Look at the services we've reviewed and see which one is right for you. More questions? Check out our virtual phone blog.

Updated 07-03-2018

Virtual Phone & Virtual Office Comparison Chart

Service Name & RatingAnnual Plan PriceFree TrialDomestic MinutesExtensionsFaxingAdditional MinutesBottom Line Startup Plan costs $12.99/mo with a month-to-month plan; $9.99/mo with an annual planNo trial, but the Startup Plan comes with 30-day money back guarantee300/moUnlimitedSend & receive3.9¢ Extra minutes, capable with iPhone apps, and simple interface & setup makes a top choice
Ring Central $12.99/moUse up to 30 minutes during a 7-day free trial300/mo2Send & receive4.9¢ Integrated faxing and mobile apps make this a good choice, but it's a bit complex
eVoice $12.99/mo30-day free trial300/mo2None5.9¢ Good interface and a great value, includes teleconferencing, but only 2 extensions and somewhat pricey
Grasshopper $24/mo30 Day Money Back GuaranteeUnlimited3 extensionsReceiveN/A Best for businesses who don't use a lot of minutes, this comprehensive service boasts unlimited extensions, integrated faxing, and a multitude of other features
FreedomVoice $9.95/mo30-day free trial400/mo10Send & receive3.9¢ Service designed for 10 employees or less, includes faxing; it's not a beauty, but it's easy to use and offers unlimited mailboxes on all its plans.
Service Name & RatingAnnual Plan PriceFree TrialDomestic MinutesExtensionsFaxingAdditional MinutesBottom Line
Nextiva Connect $8.95/mo
(w/annual plan)
30-day free trial100/moUnlimitedNone Best for small businesses with multiple offices, but service has some annoyances

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