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User-friendly and simple service with standard search features and filters; helpful for those looking to book more than one reservation simultaneously, but somewhat lackluster in specific search tools

Full Review:
Travelocity offers users mid-range reservation costs for hotels and flights and hosts a fun, interactive interface with a few unique features that aren't often seen anywhere else. Much of Travelocity's focus is on the experiences a traveler will have at their chosen destination, rather than getting the best deals.

Getting Started

Travelocity's home page is laid out simply and clearly, with the essential tabs in a bar on the top and a fill-in form for Flights, Hotels, Packages, Cars, Cruises and Things to Do. We performed searches for multiple domestic flights as well as international ones and a hotel reservation in the destination city. We found that, overall, the prices were very close to those we found on other sites for both flights and hotels, if not a bit lower. That said, we did notice that we were able to save a rather significant chunk of money when booking package deals.

Dissimilar to other travel sites was the Things to Do tab that was placed directly within the other primary search options. Here, we were able to enter any given city and the dates we wished to travel and were presented with a long list of activities happening in that area during the time we would be there. The types of activities suggested ranged between museums, concerts, amusement parks, zoos, shopping and state parks. We were pleasantly surprised by the depth of the options we were given and pleased to see a booking site place so much significance on the traveler's personal experience rather than just the logistical aspect.

Search Filters and Other Features

The search filters available on Travelocity were consistent with those we found on most other sites — you can sort by Price, Guest Rating, Star Rating, Package Discount and Most Popular. We also found tabs on the top of the home page that included Things to Do (detailed above) and Get Inspired, which were somewhat different from the norm on travel and booking sites. For a new visitor to the site, Travelocity makes it easy to search for either individual bookings or package deals (flight+hotel, flight+hotel+car, flight+car, hotel+car).

Get Inspired is a blog, in essence, highlighting some of the most exciting and groundbreaking travel opportunities. This was by far our favorite part of the Travelocity site. The page gives visitors a chance to gain perspective about some of the most inspiring places around the world as well as the people, culture and cuisine that make them worth traveling to.

Price Competitiveness and Packages

We tested three potential trips, each from different airports, origins and destinations. For each of those trips, we tested three separate airlines and travel dates. While this was easy to compare for domestic trips, it was rather challenging for international, as not all travel sites allow you to book with the same hotels. As such, we weren't able to successfully compare the pricing for international hotels.

Booking six months in advance

Our first search was for trips six months in advance, and the prices were very low, considering the cost of a ticket purchased so far in advance can be a bit pricey. We started by checking the prices for two domestic flights, each with different origins and destinations and on different airlines and were pleased with the low prices. For example, a round trip flight from Phoenix, Arizona to Miami, Florida on Delta Airlines is offered for $347 through Travelocity. That price was substantially lower than the highest price we found for that flight across the board. Similar cost reductions were found on a round trip flight we searched from San Francisco, California to New York, New York on JetBlue Airlines, offered on Travelocity for $513, although it should be noted that these price cuts may vary within different airlines and airports.

The hotel we booked in New York, the Holiday Inn, gave us a decently higher rate at $269 per night, although that same price was also found on most of the other well-known travel sites. Users may have to do some digging on less trafficked sites to find the lower hotel rates. Renting a compact car came out to $24 per day, which was actually much less expensive in comparison to some of the other companies we tested. We concluded that booking six months prior to your departure date through Travelocity didn't offer the best prices for hotel reservations, but we did notice a significant discount in the price on flights and car rentals, so if you do choose to use Travelocity for a domestic trip, you may want to wait to book your hotel until a bit closer to your intended travel date.

As far as booking an international flight, we chose to search the cost of a trip from Austin, Texas to Rome, Italy. When booking six months ahead, we were delighted by the low price we were offered in comparison to most other sites. The round trip flight by United Airlines topped out at $1,406, although that number was a bit higher than the price of booking the recommended six weeks ahead, which was offered at $1,343. However, we concluded that international flight prices on Travelocity were some of the lowest around, regardless of the time of purchase.

Booking six weeks in advance

The next trips we tested were about six weeks in advance. Normally, this is said to be the best time to purchase airline tickets, as they'll be cheapest around that time. On average, the domestic flights we tested produced decently low rates, but we found that the price point was rather inconsistent from airline to airline. The first domestic flight we tested was from San Francisco, California to New York, New York, and was offered for $412, a price that was unimpressive in comparison to most other sites we scoured. The next flight was from Phoenix, Arizona to Miami, Florida, which was also quite high, topping out at $407.

When we went to book a hotel six weeks in advance, the same hotel in New York City was offered to us at a price of $162 per night, a notable discount from the price we got booking six months ahead of time.

The price of booking an international flight six weeks in advance was just OK — we found a one-way flight from Austin, Texas to Rome, Italy for only $1,343. Again, the prices varied based on the airline we selected. Even if you have a specific airline in mind, we recommend doing a thorough browse of all the offered flights on Travelocity to find the lowest possible price, which will include your preferred amenities. Travelocity can be very helpful as your go-to booking site six weeks in advance if you know exactly what you need.

Booking last minute

Finally, we tested a trip that would theoretically be booked last-minute. For our purposes, we defined "last-minute" as one week before the day of departure. As a general rule of thumb, this is not recommended unless absolutely necessary, as the cost is usually much higher than you would pay a few weeks or months prior to your travel dates. Travelocity was no exception to that rule, but we were surprised by the reasonable last-minute prices on both domestic and international flights on a number of airlines. In fact, Travelocity's price for a last minute-flight was only a bit higher than the cost of a ticket purchased six months in advance. For example, our previously visited flight from Phoenix to Miami on Delta Airlines was offered six months in advance for $347, while the same flight was offered last minute for $454. In terms of a last-minute international flight, the prices available on Travelocity were less than impressive. We found that a flight from Austin, Texas to Rome, Italy was offered for $1963, considerably higher than the prices on other well-known travel sites.

Booking a hotel at the last minute is generally advisable, as hotels often lower their rates in order to avoid having empty rooms. When we tested a last-minute booking at the Holiday Inn in New York, we were offered a quote of $199 per night, which was a bit higher than the price of booking six weeks in advance. While the price difference was small (only about $30), we were surprised to find a higher cost for a last minute hotel reservation.

Booking Process

Booking through Travelocity is pretty straightforward. If you're only looking to book a single service — that is, only a flight, hotel, car, cruise or activity, you can select the corresponding tab at the top of its home page and continue from there, adding in details pertaining to the number of travelers and destination intended as you go.

What Travelocity arguably does best, however, is offer vacation packages. This means that it bundles together flights and hotels, hotels and cars, cars and activities and so on. Travelers can even opt to book all of these offered services at the same time. This process is organized and clearly laid out with customizable search options and filters to show you packages that will best suit the number of people you're traveling with (a great option for families) or the interests of those going on the trip.

Rewards Program

Travelocity does not have its own internal rewards program, but it has partnered with American Express Rewards credit cards to offer a Travelocity-branded card for frequent travelers. Those who apply for the card can use it to rack up points to put towards most travel-related charges.

Customer Service

The customer service portion of Travelocity is pretty run-of-the-mill and doesn't surpass any standards we have. The majority of the support section is pre-answered questions relating to each aspect of its booking options.

Users can search by general topics or choose to go a little farther by searching for the answer to their questions by specific airline, hotel or rental car service. However, instead of providing pointed answers to questions specifically relating to a certain company, Travelocity will redirect you to that company's external link, essentially bringing you back to square one.

When it comes to customer service, Travelocity is mediocre, as it largely expects you find the solution on your own. Under the Support tab, you can click the Contact Us button, but you are still encouraged to search for your own answer in a prewritten archive of frequently asked questions depending on the topic you specify. If you absolutely cannot find the answer to your question, you can choose to email, call or leave a number with Travelocity and hope for a call back. We tried out all three methods and were most impressed with the call back feature as the response was prompt and efficient. By entering your name and phone number you can receive a call from a Travelocity representative in a couple of minutes. The phone line is technically open 24/7, but we were disappointed with the hour-long wait time it took to actually get connected to a representative.


Travelocity may not have the cheapest prices on individual flights and hotels, but the attention to each traveler's personal enjoyment of the trip was a redeeming quality, in our opinion. We appreciated that the service gave us a number of different options that would allow us to personalize our trip in order to have the best possible experience. Travelocity is an excellent option for those who are visiting an area for the first time, as it brings many of a city's hidden gems to light, which may ultimately be worth the price tag.

Compare to Other Travel Sites

If you have a question or concern we haven't answered on our site, please let us know. Due to volume, we aren't able to respond to every question, but we answer as many as we can.

Service Details

Available to Book:Flights, hotels, cars, cruises, vacation packages and activities
Best for:Travelers booking vacation packages
Competitive Pricing*:
Loyalty Program:No
Search Filters:
Mobile App:iPhone, Android

*These ratings are based on the prices we received when testing both domestic and international trips (see Price Competitiveness and Packages section of the review for more details)

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