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Simple and clear-cut approach to travel and booking services at fair prices; customizable deals and focused results but few filter options

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CheapAir is a straight-to-the-point online travel guide. It's a great service to book flights, hotels and car rentals with an easy-to-navigate interface and decently low prices. Additional booking features, such as its Corporate Travel Services, make CheapAir a great option for business travelers.

Getting Started

Getting started on CheapAir is as easy as it gets. The interface for the home page is clean, inviting and clearly laid out in a tab format. Users can choose from four large blue tabs at the very top of the page, including Flights, Hotels and Cars. CheapAir's home page defaults to a flight search, where you can enter the dates you wish to depart and return, the airports you prefer, the number of travelers that will be attending the trip and your cabin preference. You also have the option to click on one of the other tabs to inquire about hotels and rental cars.

Search Filters and Other Features

There is very little to say about the available search filters and added features on CheapAir. The filters were limited to just the basics — users can search for flights, hotels and cars with their intended destination and travel dates.

As far as other features on its site, like things to do options, CheapAir does not provide any except for a tab to the blog in the top right corner. The CheapAir blog gives readers tips and advice on planning and booking the most cost-efficient vacation, which we found to be extremely helpful.

The filters for flights aren't too extensive, as you can only sort by price and time. Alternatively, you can sort hotels by distance, CheapAir picks, guest reviews, price range (low to high and vice versa), star rating (high to low and vice versa) and name (A to Z or Z to A).

One thing that CheapAir does for some of its flight options is provide information about the plane (sometimes it even has a photo), the dimensions of your seat, built-in entertainment options (if there are any) and Wi-Fi options. This was something we enjoyed, but wished it was included for more airlines, as CheapAir only provides this information for a limited amount.

Price Competitiveness and Packages

The prices we found for a specific flight and hotel were competitively low in relation to the span of other travel sites we searched. While CheapAir doesn't offer the lowest prices we came across, it's a good place to start in order to get a base price to compare others against.

We tested three potential trips (two domestic and one International) each from different airports, origins and destinations. For each of those trips, we tested three separate airlines and travel dates, booking only round-trip flights. While this was easy to compare for domestic trips, it was rather challenging for international, as not all travel sites allow you to book with the same hotels. As such, we weren't able to successfully compare the pricing for international hotels.

Booking 6 months in advance

Our first search was for trips six months in advance, and the prices were fair. We started by checking the prices for two domestic flights, each with different origins and destinations and on different airlines and were impressed with the low prices. For example, a flight from Phoenix, Arizona to Miami, Florida on Spirit Airlines is offered for $346 through CheapAir. That price was close to 10% lower than the highest price we found for that flight across the board of other travel sites. Similar cost reductions were found on a flight we searched from San Francisco, California to New York, New York on JetBlue Airlines.

As far as booking an international flight, we chose to search the cost of a trip from Austin, Texas to Rome, Italy. When booking six months ahead, we were very pleased to find that the price was extremely low in comparison to most other travel sites. The United Airlines flight topped out at $1,443. After seeing the low prices, we concluded that when possible, booking an international flight six months in advance or earlier through CheapAir is advisable, as it is able to offer some of the lowest prices around.

Booking a hotel six months in advance delivered prices that were mid-range to a bit pricey in terms of our searches. It should be noted that because not all travel sites offer deals on the same hotels. That being said, we tested the prices of a hotel in a similar price range to the Comfort Inn, the Holiday Inn. This search produced an offer at $151 per night, right around the median price point we found when booking so far in advance. Finally, the price of making a reservation for a compact car six months in advance ended up being a surprisingly low $28 per day.

Booking 6 weeks in advance

The next trips we tested were about six weeks in advance. Normally, this is said to be the best time to purchase airline tickets as they'll usually be cheapest then. On average, the round-trip domestic flights we tested produced decently low rates, but we found that the price point varied somewhat significantly from airline to airline. For example, the price of a flight from San Francisco, California to New York, New York on JetBlue six weeks in advance was $532, while the price for the same trip on Virgin America was as high as $602. The price of booking an international flight six weeks in advance was also decently low — we found a round-trip flight on United Airlines from Austin, Texas to Rome, Italy for only $2,013. Again, these prices varied based on the airline we selected. If you have a specific airline in mind, we may not necessarily recommend CheapAir as your go-to booking site six weeks in advance.

The hotel we booked in New York, the Holiday Inn, gave us a similar rate at $152 per night. Renting a compact car came out to $51 per day, which was much more expensive in comparison to some of the other travel sites we tested. We concluded that booking six weeks prior to your departure date through CheapAir didn't offer the best prices for car reservations, but we did notice a significant discount in the price on hotel reservations.

Booking last minute

Finally, we tested trips that would theoretically be booked last-minute. For our purposes, we defined "last-minute" as one week before the day of departure. As a general rule of thumb, this is not recommended unless absolutely necessary as the cost is usually much higher than you would pay a few weeks or months prior to your travel dates. CheapAir was no exception to that rule, but we were surprised by the manageable last-minute prices on both domestic and international flights through a number of airlines if booking last minute is your only option. Both round-trip, domestic flights we tested were close to or over $100 more expensive when booking last minute on each airline, which is not ideal, but somewhat unavoidable when booking so close to your departure date. However, the international trip we booked from Austin, Texas to Rome, Italy was shockingly more expensive in comparison to the prices we found six months or six weeks in advance — almost $1,000 higher. We would not recommend booking a flight last minute, but if you must do so, CheapAir is a viable option for those booking a domestic flight; we would not recommend booking a last-minute international flight through CheapAir.

When booking a hotel at the last minute through CheapAir, we were given a price tag of $153 per night for the Holiday Inn in New York, which was a few dollars higher than the price we would have paid when booking six months ahead of time. The cost of renting a car last-minute was surprisingly low, only $32 per day.

Booking Process

Booking with CheapAir is about as standard as it gets. The process starts by simply searching for a flight, hotel or car that fits the destination location as well as the dates you'd like to travel. It should be noted that CheapAir does take a bit longer to produce results than we would prefer and also leads to a couple of pop-up pages.

Rewards Program

CheapAir itself does not feature a rewards program. That said, its blog features posts that often refer users to airlines with frequent flier and frequent traveler programs.

Of course, you can use CheapAir to find and book a flight, hotel or make a car rental reservation. But for those who travel often and would like a few more customizable options, signing up for CheapAir is a great way to go. Those who join will have access to an exclusive FareTracker, which constantly tracks the lowest fares on flights and hotels for you. Members of CheapAir can customize their searches so that they'll receive notifications of the latest offers and get VIP access to the newest and cheapest rates. Signing up to receive these benefits is free of cost and only requires each user to submit their name and home airport as well as enter their email address and a password to create an account.

Customer Service

CheapAir's customer service is direct and quick to respond. The help tab on the very top right of the home page will bring you to its customer support section, where you'll find FAQs that answer most questions thoroughly. If the answer to your question does not appear on this pre-written list, you can reach out by phone or email. CheapAir provides an 800 number that will connect you to a representative every day from 6 a.m. to Midnight ET. Our phone call was answered immediately, and we were pleased to speak to a well-informed, helpful employee. We also sent CheapAir an email, which has an attendant available seven days a week from 6 a.m. to midnight ET. Receiving a response to our email took a bit longer, but still less than 24 hours. If you have an urgent question about a booking reservation, we suggest giving its 800 number a call.

Each CheapAir agent is trained to negotiate with travel suppliers in order to get the best available rates. They are knowledgeable about how to design and implement travel policies in order to keep costs down and save whenever possible while providing customized service and expense reports that meet each client's requests. The agents are trained to find all ticket sales including "web sales" and "Internet only" fares as well as over 30,000 "bulk" fares that are exclusively contracted.

Another aspect of the customer support section that we loved was the option to check the status of your flight. Below the customer support contact information was a large green button that allows users to check if their flight is on time, even if they don't know the specific flight number.


CheapAir is the perfect place to start for a travel site beginner, especially if you're a business traveler as it allows for customizable flight plans and updates as to when the prices drop on a particular flight. For those who are traveling alone and can afford to make decisions on a whim, CheapAir is able to scrounge up some fairly decent rates. Its clean interface is easy to navigate and offers clear instructions for how to decide which flight is best while offering up the cheapest options for each user's specifications. We loved the helpful hotline and were pleasantly surprised by the extensive list of hotels and airline options, however we may recommend looking elsewhere to book a hotel as the main focus of the site seems to be on finding low-priced flights.

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If you have a question or concern we haven't answered on our site, please let us know. Due to volume, we aren't able to respond to every question, but we answer as many as we can.

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Available to Book:Flights, hotels and cars
Best for:Travelers who are able to book well in advance
Competitive Pricing*:
Loyalty Program:No
Search Filters:
Mobile App:N/A

*These ratings are based on the prices we received when testing both domestic and international trips (see Price Competitiveness and Packages section of the review for more details)

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