Red Ventures tripYou might have noticed that we’ve been a little quiet this past week, and there’s a very good reason: the NextAdvisor content team took to the skies and flew from San Francisco, CA to Charlotte, NC to visit our parent company’s headquarters. Red Ventures acquired Bankrate and its subsidiaries, including us, last year. This trip was our chance to get to know our extended family and see the stunning Red Ventures campus for ourselves. What did we do, who did we meet and what did we see? We wanted to share a little peek of the experience with our readers so you can share in our excitement.

Rain, snow and sunshine — we saw it all

Red Ventures tripThe entire content team — Director of Content Julie Myhre-Nunes, Associate Editor Jocelyn Baird, Community Manager Jessa Barron and Writers Michael Osakwe, Carissa Ratanaphanyarat and Gabriel Wood — traveled together for this trip. We left a very rainy San Francisco at the break of dawn on Tuesday morning, arriving to a chilly but sunny North Carolina afternoon. By the next morning, we were able to witness a rarity for most Californians — snow! It was only a light flurry, but enough to provoke a mixture of amazement and dismay from across our team. Though it was certainly colder at night than we are used to, during the daytime, we enjoyed warm sunshine that was more like what we are used to in Burlingame, CA.

We connected with teams across our division and had some fun

Red Ventures tripOver the past couple of years, NextAdvisor has gone from existing on its own little island to becoming part of a network of websites within the financial sphere. During this trip, we were able to get to know people from The Points Guy, and Red Ventures, which meant an opportunity to exchange ideas and learn from one another when it comes to how we approach creating high-quality, accurate, helpful content for our readers. We also had plenty of time for fun, including trying out the bowling alley built into the basement of Red Ventures, where we learned that some of our team members are secret star bowlers — and some of us might benefit from a few remedial bowling lessons.

Red Ventures trip

Another highlight of the trip was our chance to see in person just how committed Red Ventures is to giving back to its employees as well as the communities around it. Our tour of the Learning Circle section of the campus, which houses classrooms used by its Road to Hire program as well as a Dr. Seuss-themed library for employee use, was particularly inspiring. One of the classrooms, a Maya Angelou theme, featured a wall painted with an open birdcage and dozens of folded paper cranes spilling from it and arcing across the ceiling. Each crane represents a participant in Road to Hire, a visual showcase of how successful the program has been. Other classroom themes included Leonardo da Vinci, Nelson Mandela, Malala Yousafzai and Albert Einstein.

Red Ventures trip

We’re back home and ready for action

Now that all of us have returned from the east coast to the west coast, we are more excited than ever to apply what we learned to come up with fresh, new content that helps you make the best decisions for your finances, technology, business and life. So stay tuned as we get back to normal next week, and keep your eyes peeled for what’s in store from NextAdvisor. Thanks to Red Ventures for playing host to us this past week — we had a blast!

NextAdvisor’s Content Team (minus Jessa Barron) at the RV basketball court