Target stores throughout the U.S. fell victim to a major credit and debit card data breach throughout the Black Friday weekend that may have exposed millions of customers’ information, as reported by Business Insider. The retail giant is investigating the breach, however it’s believed that it could have been the result of a software that was installed in the credit and debit card point of sale machines.

What should I do if I shopped at Target during the Black Friday weekend?

The first thing you should do is not panic. Even though there is a good chance that you may have fallen victim to this Target breach, the company has not released all of the information about what specific stores have been hit or how much customer information was exposed.

Since it seems the thieves only wanted debit or credit card information, the best thing you can do right now is to carefully check your credit and debit card statements. Make sure all of the charges were made by you and if you see a charge that you don’t recognize, then you should call your bank immediately to inquire about the purchase. Once it’s determined that the charge is fraudulent, the bank associate on the phone will be able to assist you with its fraud-reporting procedure.

Are there any extra steps to keep my identity safe?

An additional step that you may want to take to ensure the safety of your credit or debit card is to call your bank and request a new card number. With this tactic, even if your information was stolen in the data breach, it’ll remain safe because the original card you used will no longer be active.

If you want to protect your identity even more, then you might want to consider signing up for an identity theft protection service. These services monitor your personal information to make sure it isn’t being used, traded or sold to identity thieves and if they notice a breach or the use of any of your personal information, then they will alert you and provide you with tips detailing how you can restore your identity. On top of the identity monitoring, these services also actively monitor all three of your credit reports to make sure no new inquiries or credit lines appear on them. If the service spots any activity on your credit reports, then it will alert you immediately. Read our identity theft protection reviews to see which service will best fit your budget and needs.

If you feel that the Target breach may have caused you to fall victim to identity theft, then you should follow this step-by-step guide to restore your identity and good name.