Sally Beauty

It seems that Sally Beauty is the most recent to fall victim to a credit card breach, as reported by cyber-security blogger Brian Krebs. According to KrebsOnSecurity, Krebs spotted a batch of 282,000 stolen credit cards posted for sale on an underground marketplace that he believes were stolen from some of the 2,600 beauty supply chains during the last week of February and the first week of March. KrebsOnSecurity also stated the underground marketplace was affiliated to the Ukrainian man who Krebs linked to the sale of Target’s stolen credit card data.

A spokesperson for Sally Beauty told Krebs that the company had recognized an invasion into its network, however it was unable to find evidence that consumers’ credit card data was breached. Sally Beauty has begun a full investigation into the possible breach with the help of a technology solutions company called Verizon Enterprise Solutions.

What should I do if I shopped at Sally Beauty?

If you shopped at Sally Beauty recently, then you should follow all of the steps detailed below to make sure your information remains safe.

1. Check your bank account and credit card statements: It’s essential that you carefully go through your previous and current bank activity dating back to the beginning of the year (as an extra precaution). Make sure that you were the one to complete each of the transactions and report any unknown or unrecognizable transactions as fraudulent activity. A representative of your bank will be able to walk you through its fraud-reporting process.

Also remember that just because you didn’t find any fraudulent activity now doesn’t mean that you won’t have any on your account later. That’s why you should check your bank account or credit card statements regularly — at least once per month — to verify that there is no fraudulent activity.

You can also inquire about a new debit or credit card as an extra step to stay protected, however it’s important to note that most banks will not reissue a debit or credit card unless there is confirmed fraud on the account. That being said, there’s no harm in inquiring about or asking for a new card number.

2. Take action ASAP: Whether you need to comb through your bank statements or report any fraudulent activity, it’s important for you to take any necessary action as soon as possible. Don’t delay checking your bank statements or reporting any fraudulent activity because the longer you wait, the more likely you are putting your identity or financial information in jeopardy.

3. Consider signing up for identity theft protection: Since the stolen payment information is already being sold on the underground marketplace, you’re not only vulnerable to financial loss, but also identity theft. One step that you can take to safeguard your information is to sign up for an identity theft protection service. These services monitor the activity on the Internet black market, public records and credit reports to verify that it isn’t being used by identity thieves. If new activity appears, the service will alert you immediately as well as provide you with steps you need to take to protect yourself.

Even though the activity scanning detailed above is a good tool to have, the value of the of these services lies in the identity theft resolution specialists. In the event that you fall victim to identity theft, you will have a dedicated specialist walking you through every step of the restoration process. Visit our identity theft protection reviews to learn more about identity theft and find the best service for you.