Our goal is to help consumers by offering clear, straightforward information. Our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy are no different:

Users never have to provide us with any personal information in order to access the NextAdvisor.com website. However, users have the option to provide us with their email address so that they may receive email updates from us. We will never share that email address with anyone else for any reason. In some cases we will collect your email address and other personal information as part of signing up for one of the services we review. In these cases, the sole way we use that information is to pass it on to the service provider and we do not retain any of your information on our servers.

User reviews, blog comments or any other information submitted through our website become the sole property of NextAdvisor.com. We reserve the right to delete or edit reviews, comments or other user submitted information to remove objectionable language. However, we will never edit user submitted reviews or comments for being too critical or too complimentary.

We may collect IP addresses. IP addresses do not contain any personally identifiable information and are always shown to any website you are visiting. We would collect these for various reasons such as guarding against hacker/denial of service attacks or other fraud and better understanding the geographies from which our users are visiting.

We use cookies to make the site more easy to navigate as well as to understand what links our users like to click on and what sites they came from. Our cookies do not contain any personally identifiable information. We do our best to ensure the information we provide is accurate but cannot guarantee its accuracy. Users should independently confirm the information we provide.

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Updated: 02-24-2014