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Easiest navigation and printing process; intuitive site, good value and shipping discounts make it our first choice

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Just like its straightforward name, is an intuitive online stamps service that allows users to simply print postage on their home printers with no extra hardware necessary, except a scale to weigh your mail. gives users $5 worth of postage to test out during their 4-week free trial. After the trial, the monthly fee is $15.99/month, not including the cost of postage.

Note that you can get special discounts not available at the post office when using for your postage needs. According to their site, customers save up to 62% on all Express Mail shipments, up to 15% on Priority Mail shipments, and up to 15% on First Class Package Service. If you are shipping internationally, saves you up to 5% on Priority Mail International shipments and up to 8% for Express Mail International. Also, save up to 40% over USPS rates when you insure your shipments with

Getting Started

After registering your email and entering your credit card information, you will be given a couple of postage scale options, which you will see in the pricing section of this review. After completing the simple registration process, will start you off with $5 worth of free postage so you can test out the service.

About a week after signing up, sent us a quick-start package complete with setup instructions for the account and the scale, $40 worth of postage coupons that are only applicable to people who continue their service past the free trial, a 20% off coupon for the store, two free pages worth of NetStamps (the material you print stamps on) and two free shipping labels.

Printing Postage

The process for printing postage with was the most user-friendly of the 3 services we reviewed. To print, go to the top menu bar and click "print postage." When printing labels, you must select the type of mail piece or package you are sending. With letters and postcards, you are required to use NetStamps paper, which you can buy in the store. For everything else you can just use a plain sheet of paper, or use a SDC-1200 shipping label, Avery shipping label or a generic shipping label, all available for purchase from the store.

Before you print your postage, make sure that you have enough money on your account. We liked that doesn't make you exit the form to add credit. Instead, a notification will pop up allowing you to add $10 increments to your balance. Another notification will pop up warning you that you are deducting money from your account. It will also warn you if your credit balance drops below $25, reminding you to add more soon. Thankfully, if you made a mistake during the printing process, you can reprint the label one time. If there is a mistake both times, you must contact customer service and get a refund on the postage.

How Much Postage Do I Get? is able to figure out the cost of postage for you. After choosing the type of package you are sending (i.e., letters, postcards, thick envelopes, USPS flat rate envelopes, etc), you must enter the weight and dimensions of the item. If you purchased one of their USB digital scales, or have your own USB scale, the form will automatically fill in the weight when you click "read digital scale." You must then choose what you will be printing your stamps on. As you are selecting the country you are shipping to, will adjust the postage rate for you. From there you can choose what type of mail service you'd like (i.e., first class, priority or express), and will adjust the price according to your selection.

Extra Features

There are a couple of helpful resources on the homepage. In the "history" tab, users can search past prints, refunds and schedule USPS pickups. Items that are eligible for USPS pickup, such as Priority Mail or Express Mai, will be listed under the USPS pickups tab. This "carrier pickup" service allows you to request a free package pickup from the USPS. When you click directly into the history tab, all of your recent postage will show up and you can click on the tracking number to track your package. SCAN forms, short for Shipment Confirmation Acceptance Notices, can be found here as well. This will allow you to associate multiple package tracking numbers to one master barcode. Those who opted for insurance can file claims through the history tab as well. The "reports" tab will help you keep track of balances, expenses and past prints. You can update your personal and billing information, as well as toggle your default payment method, through the "manage account" tab.

For postage supplies, look no further than the store in the "buy supplies" tab. Here you will find everything from priority mail envelopes and boxes to tape guns and NetStamps paper. In addition to that, you can snag a limited supply of free envelopes, postage labels and more in the "free USPS supplies" section. For example, you can get 12 free 1/2" x 9 1/2" Priority Mail Flat Rate Envelopes.

Customer Support has a very extensive help center, which offers detailed instructions on everything from printing postage to ordering extra supplies. There are even "webinars" where they will take you through the steps of using the service. They have an email contact form, which gave us a detailed, helpful response within 2 hours. Their phone support is available Monday through Friday from 6 AM to 6 PM Pacific Standard Time. When we called in, the customer service rep was knowledgeable, friendly and answered our call relatively fast.


At $15.99 per month after the 4-week trial, is about the same price as the other online stamps services we review, though Endicia for PC is cheaper. You can order a free 5 pound USB scale and pay just $9.85 in shipping, get a $49.99 25 pound USB scale plus $9.15 shipping or opt for no scale purchase and just use one you already have. Remember that you must pay for your own postage; the monthly subscription fee does not include the cost of postage.


Other than saving you a trip to the post office,'s postage coupons, discounts and free materials are even more perks to signing up for the service. Individuals and business owners who do a lot of mailing will enjoy the plethora of organizational resources as well. Overall, is easy and intuitive for even the postal novice.

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Service Details

Monthly Cost:$15.99/mo

(Doesn't include cost of postage)
Free Trial/Discount:30-day free trial;
$5 free postage;
2 free stamp sheets & labels
Postage Scale:5 LB: Free + $9.85 shipping;
25 LB: $49.99 + $9.15 shipping
Software Download:None;
use online

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