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What are online stamps services?

With online stamps services, you can print stamps and shipping labels at home from your personal computer and printer. Anytime that you need postage, just sign into your online stamps account, or open the software program (Endicia), and go to the printing section of the service. From there, just enter in the delivery address, the weight of your mail and mail class, and the service will calculate the cost and print out exact postage for you. In most cases, your subscription will include a USB scale that you can plug into your computer for you to weigh your mail on.

Other than not having to drive to the post office or wait for it to open, there are other benefits to signing up for online stamps services such as instant tracking information, free USPS supplies and never overpaying or underpaying for postage again.

Is the cost of postage included in my subscription?

The cost of postage is not included in your online stamps subscription and you must pay for it separately. When you print stamps and labels, the service will deduct money from your postage balance.

Oftentimes, however, you will receive shipping discounts not available at the post office when using these services. According to, users can save up to 62% on all Express Mail® shipments, up to 15% on Priority Mail® shipments and up to 15% on First Class Package Service®, as well as earn other discounts on mailing insurance and international shipping.

Do I need to buy a scale with my subcription?

Both and pbSmartPostage have special deals on USB scales when you include them in your subscription; however, it is entirely up to you whether you want to buy their scale, purchase one separately or use one you already own.

In general, using these online stamps services will require a scale because you will need to weigh your mail and enter in these values in order to get exact postage rates.

Do any of these online stamps services offer free trials?

Yes, all of the services offer free trials. and Endicia both have a 30-day free trial, and pbSmartPostage has a 60-day free trial.

Can I print postage on regular 8.5 by 11 printer paper?

You can print shipping labels on regular paper, but will need to order special stamps paper to print stamps. Both and pbSmartPostage will send you samples of this particular paper after you register for the service, and you can buy more from each of the services' online stores, including Endicia

Do I need a metering machine in order to use these services?

No, you can print postage straight from your computer. If you would like a postage meter, read more about the Pitney Bowes Mailstation 2 service here.

If I get the discounted annual plan pricing, do I need to pay up front for a year?

Yes, when you sign up for the annual plan, the service will charge your credit card the price of a full year after you complete your free trial

Do these services provide tracking numbers with my shipping labels?

Yes, each of the services will provide you with tracking numbers. They also have different options for delivery confirmations.

Can I get insurance on my mail through these services?

You can get shipping insurance through each of these services. and Endicia, for example, both offer insurance discounts cheaper than the cost at the post office.

How did NextAdvisor review these online stamps services?

Our in-house reviewers signed up for and tested each of these services. They looked at everything from the value, site navigation and types of features to the ease of the sign-up process and customer support. Most importantly, our reviewers printed postage from each of the services to test how intuitive the process is for each. They focused heavily on how user-friendly and useful the service is for both individuals and businesses.

Top Online Stamps


Bottom line: Easiest navigation and printing process; intuitive site, good value and shipping discounts make it our first choice

Bottom line: Cheapest solution for PC users, great customer service and intuitive printing; requires software download

Bottom line: Good value with nice printing interface, but not compatible with Macs and customer service falls short

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