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Online stamps services take the hassle out of shipping and mailing. Each of these services will calculate exact postage for you, allowing you to print stamps and shipping labels straight from your computer. Cut trips to the post office, save money and get organized — online stamps services will provide you with simple printing, spending reports, tracking information and even free supplies. Our online stamps reviews and comparisons point out key features and differences of each of the services so you can find the perfect one for your home or business.

Updated 11-17-2016

Online Stamps Comparison Chart

Service Name / RatingMonthly CostFree Trial/DiscountPostage ScaleSoftware DownloadBottom Line $15.99/mo

(Doesn't include cost of postage)
30-day free trial;
$5 free postage;
2 free stamp sheets & labels
5 LB: Free + $9.85 shipping;
25 LB: $49.99 + $9.15 shipping
use online
Easiest navigation and printing process; intuitive site, good value and shipping discounts make it our first choice
Endicia $15.95/mo (PC);
$15.95/mo (Mac)

(Doesn't include cost of postage)
30-day free trialNone;
purchase separately
Required Cheapest solution for PC users, great customer service and intuitive printing; requires software download
Pitney Bowes Smart Postage $14.99/mo

(Doesn't include cost of postage)
60-day free trial;
2 free stamp sheets
Add'l $2/mo
+ $11.38 shipping
use online
Good value with nice printing interface, but not compatible with Macs and customer service falls short

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