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Large and active group of users, intelligent matching system based largely on similar tastes and interests

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He Said/She Said Ratings

We took two volunteers, a man and a woman, and had them sign up for each service, fill out a profile, look at their matches, and then give us their impressions. We also asked them to rate each of our reviewed online dating sites.

He said:
"...Match's matches were really superior, at least for what I'm looking for. In fact, it found several people that are pretty promising. I think it also has a younger, more urban user-base, which is good for me. I'm in my early 30s and live in a big city. Match didn't seem as touchy-feely with its questions, I think it's more interest-based, but that's important to me. So, I can't be sure that it's the matching features, or the people signed up, but... How can I put this? The people are attractive and interesting, and well suited to my type. Plus, hey, someone actually sent me an email, so that's a success, isn't it? This one would be my first choice."

She said:
"...I took a list of over 2,000 guys and narrowed it down to 87 guys in under two minutes based my preferences. It was easy and actually fun and I instantly found three hot guys! Nice! I found the profile quiz to be thorough and not too long, I also appreciated its common sense approach. Once I got my matches back I saw that Match stayed within my age preferences; however, they seemed to ignore my request for matches to be within 25 miles of me and sent me guys a few states away. Overall, I felt comfortable with this site and I was able to get a great feel for the personalities of the guys matched with me, if only they lived in the same state."

Site Details

Match is one of the most popular online dating services, with a large and diverse pool of potential matches. If you want to peruse hundreds of possible matches or search for someone with a specific set of characteristics, Match should be your first stop.

Profile Creation

It's free to create a profile on Match, and the process is relatively quick and easy. You'll answer basic questions about yourself and your desired partner by selecting from checklists and drop-down menus, with occasional chances to elaborate in your own words. The only required long answer is a minimum 200 word description of yourself and your ideal match. Finally, you'll upload a primary photo and, even before you've subscribed, you'll have the option of adding up to 25 additional photos.

If you have difficulty with the written portion of your profile, or if your profile doesn't attract as much attention as you'd like, Match offers a service called ProfilePro. For $39.99, a dedicated expert will review your information and offer advice to help you make the most of your Match experience, and a professional writer will help craft a profile that makes the best possible impression.

Matching & Searching

Match's matching system is fairly simplistic, suggesting five potential dates each day based on a few shared interests or preferences. The search function, though, is Match's most impressive feature. You can do a quick search for same or opposite sex matches by age and location, or search based on the preferences you indicated in your profile, or you can do a custom search, which allows you to fine-tune your criteria. Or you can search for a word or phrase, if you're looking for someone with a particular hobby or trait.


Once you've found a profile that seems promising, you can indicate your interest by sending a free wink. If you want to send an email or instant message, you'll need to subscribe to Match. Paying members can send messages to nonpaying members, but nonpaying members are not able to respond or even see who sent the message. Since Match does not distinguish between active members with paid subscriptions and those who are unable to send or view messages, this can be problematic and frustrating for members who send messages that may never be seen by the recipient. In our opinion, this is the most significant flaw in Match's service.

If you do choose to subscribe, you'll be able to communicate with other members via email, instant message, or phone, without having to reveal any of your personal contact information. You'll also be able to see who's been viewing your profile, who's saved you to their favorites, and who found you interesting when your profile was suggested as a potential match. Plus, you'll have access to tools to help manage and track your connections. If you choose a Bundle Plan, you will also receive notifications when someone reads your emails, be among the first profiles new members receive in their email and your profile will be highlighted in color to stand out from the rest.

Match Guarantee

New users who sign up for a six month subscription are eligible for the Match Guarantee, which offers an additional six months free if you don't find someone special during the first six months. In order to take advantage of this guarantee, users must create a truthful profile that includes a primary photo, and keep it visible for the duration of the first six months. Users must also communicate with new matches throughout the first six months, sending emails through Match to at least five different members each month. In order to receive the additional six months free, you must go to the 6-Month Guarantee Progress page within your Match account during the last week of your initial six month subscription, and confirm your eligibility.


Match provides more potential matches than any other online dating service, along with plenty of resources to help you find the person you're searching for. If you know what you want, whether it's a conservative Christian who loves riding horses and can't wait to have kids, a vegan liberal who speaks three languages, or the most attractive person in your zip code, Match is a great place to look.

Cost/Month Total Cost Savings
20% off 12 months - Bundle Plan $13.19 $158.28 $39.60
20% off 6 months - Bundle Plan $15.99 $95.94 $24.00
20% off 3 months - Bundle Plan $18.39 $55.17 $13.80
20% off 12 months - Basic Plan $12.79 $153.48 $38.40
20% off 6 months - Basic Plan $13.59 $81.54 $20.40
20% off 3 months - Basic Plan $15.99 $47.97 $12.00
1 month full-price $28.79 $28.79 $-

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Service Details


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Relationship Type:Casual & Serious Daters
User Base*:20+ million singles;
49% male /
51% female
Matching Method:Search by age & location; custom search; keyword search
Features:Open communication; email & IM; winks & flirts; see who's viewed you; Text Alerts; Block Users

*Quantcast Data used for male/female ratio and accurate as of June, 2012

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