JP Morgan Chase HackedJP Morgan Chase alerted roughly 465,000 of it’s prepaid cash card customers that a data hack occurred back in July may have revealed information to hackers, according to Reuters. The big bank didn’t specify what information was revealed in the hacking, however it did suggest that it didn’t include personal information — such as social security number, birth date or home address.

A bank representative said the bank usually encrypts or scrambles all of its customer’s information, however the hacked information appeared in plain text during the breach. Since JP Morgan Chase doesn’t believe personal information was revealed in the hack, it announced that it will not be issuing replacement cards to its prepaid cash card holders, however the company is providing prepaid cash card holders with one year of free of membership to a credit report monitoring service — the name of the service was not specified.

What should JP Morgan Chase hacked customers do?

Although the bank is taking a step towards protecting it’s hacked customer’s information by providing free credit report monitoring, it may not be enough to completely protect their identities. This is why prepaid cash card holders should follow a couple of extra steps to verify the safety of their personal information.

1. Consider requesting a replacement card: Even though JP Morgan Chase said it will not be sending replacement cards, customers still have the option to request one for themselves as an extra precaution. The bank didn’t detail the information that was accessed by hackers so this might be a good step to take to make sure their finances and identity are safe.

2. Monitor bank and credit card statements very closely: On top of taking advantage of the credit report monitoring service, customers should also monitor their bank and credit card statements closely to verify that all of the transactions on the statements were completed by them. If something seems irregular or out-of-the-ordinary, then they should call the bank immediately and report the transaction as potential fraud.

Additional tips for JP Morgan Chase customers

JP Morgan Chase prepaid cash card holders may want to consider looking into signing up for an identity theft protection service because these services take the extra step to secure an identity with real-time alerts for any changes to any of the three credit reports, active online monitoring of personal information and other active monitoring of other personal information. Check out our identity theft protection reviews to learn more about these services.

If a customer fears that they might have already fallen victim to identity theft, then they check out our step-by-step guide on how to restore their identity.