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Bottom Line:
Clean interface; user-friendly Websend option for faxing; customer support isn't the best; plans with higher page allotments are rather expensive

Full Review:
MyFax is an easy-to-use service that provides lifetime storage for your sent and received faxes. However, it does not offer many pages in its monthly plans, which we found to be a bit higher in cost when compared to other Internet fax services.


There are three plans offered with MyFax: the Best Value plan, the Most Popular plan and the Fax More plan. The Best Value plan costs $10/month for a month-to-month membership or $9.17/month with an annual subscription, and gives you 100 sent faxes and 200 received faxes per month; the annual subscription is only available with the Best Value plan. The Most Popular plan costs $20/month and offers 200 sent and 200 received faxes. The Fax More plan gives you 400 sent and 400 received faxes for $40/month. You can add a toll-free number to any of these plans for free; additional pages outside of your plan allotment cost 10¢/page.

Getting Started

Signing up with MyFax is completed within a few short steps. After you pick a plan, you select your country (United States, Canada or from the list of international countries supported), then your state and area code; you also have the option to select a toll-free number to use for faxing or port an existing fax number at no additional charge. Next, you enter your name, email address and billing information. MyFax offers a free 30-day trial with all of its plans, so you will not be charged at this time. You are free to cancel at any time.

Once this information has been processed, you are taken to a welcome page that displays your MyFax fax number and a temporary password. We also received a welcome email with this information, as well as a quick guide on how to send and receive a fax using MyFax.

User Interface

Once you log in, you are presented with your dashboard, which has a clean interface and four main sections. This dashboard is identical to the dashboard with MetroFax. View Faxes takes you to an inbox that is similar to an email inbox, where you can add, remove or edit folders (such as inbox, sent and trash) and utilize a search bar to search for specific faxes or keywords.

Update Account presents you with preferences, such as time and date preference, usage balance, plan type, send/receive fax options and send/receive email addresses; you can add up to five email addresses per account. The other functions accessible from your Dashboard are a Help page, which features FAQ and other support options, and the Send Faxes icon.

Sending/Receiving a Fax

Because MyFax's dashboard is identical to MetroFax's, the Websend fax option is also the exact same with MyFax and MetroFax. First, you add recipients (up to 50 per fax) by typing in name, company name and fax number, or by selecting names from your MyFax address book. Then you select whether or not you'd like to include a cover page and add any attachments. It supports numerous different file types, including PDF, PSD, PNG, Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files, and you can add up to 10 files per fax.

Sending a fax with MyFax took two attempts, the first of which was unsuccessful. The second time, we had no issue sending a fax. It took one minute to send a fax and one minute and 20 seconds to receive a fax, which is about average when compared to other Internet fax services. We received an email confirmation for both sent and received faxes, as well as an attachment of the file included in the fax. MyFax does have a free mobile app, but it is only available on iOS devices with version 5.0 or later.

Customer Support

MyFax offers customer support via email, phone and live chat, which it claims are available 24/7. The first time we contacted the customer support team, we experienced a rather long wait time, and the representative wasn't able to answer all of our questions. The second time, the wait time wasn't as long, but the representative also seemed to be lost on the policies with the company, leaving some of our questions unanswered.


The MyFax web interface and Websend faxing abilities are simple and user-friendly, and its Best Value plan is relatively inexpensive. However, if you need more pages in a monthly allotment, the prices get a little higher when compared to other Internet fax services that offer the same amount of pages for a lower price. Additionally, we didn't find its customer support team to be very helpful or knowledgeable. It wouldn't hurt to try this service out, since it does offer a free 30-day trial; however, there are other options that are more reasonably priced and more dependable.

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Service Details

Plan Price:$10/mo
or $9.17/mo
(w/annual plan)
Free Trial:30-day free trial
Pages Included:200 inbound and 100 outbound per month
Additional Pages:10¢ per page
Send/Receive Times:1m 20s receive;
1m send
Toll Free Number:Free

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