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User-friendly interface with easy-to-navigate features; supports numerous file types; reasonably priced

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MetroFax is an Internet faxing service with flexible plans to fit your needs and budget, making it a good fit for both smaller and larger businesses. Its responsive customer support team and helpful mobile app make it one of our top choices.


There are three plan types you can choose from. The Essential Plan costs $7.95/month (or $6.63/month if you sign up for a year) and allows you to send/receive up to 500 pages/month. The Value Plan offers 1,000 pages sent/received for $12.95/month (or $10.79/month with an annual subscription) and the Professional Plan is $35.95/month for up to 2,500 pages, also combined sent and received, or $29.96/month if you sign up for a year. If you go over your monthly plan allotment, each additional page you send or receive will cost 3¢/page. You can also choose to utilize a toll-free number for an additional $1.50/month.

Getting Started

Signing up with MetroFax is an easy and effortless process. Simply select the country from which you want your fax number to start with (currently only the U.S. and Canada are available), select your state or province and then select the area code of your choosing. These numbers are not listed alphabetically by city or country name, but rather numerically by the area code. You also have the option to select a toll-free number, including 800, 888 and 877 numbers. If you'd like to port your current number, you can do so by contacting MetroFax's sales department via phone.

After this step, you will be prompted to enter a contact email address and then taken to a page to input your billing and payment information. MetroFax does offer a free 30-day trial, however you are required to enter your payment information at signup in case you choose to continue your service after the trial expires; your card will not be charged for the first 30 days. Once your billing and payment information is verified, the confirmation page pops up with your fax number and PIN, which are available to use immediately. We also instantly received a welcome email from MetroFax with this information as well as easy-to-follow steps on how to send and receive a fax with its service.

User Interface

Your homepage displays a clean, user-friendly interface with four main icons: View Faxes, Send Faxes, Update Account and Help. There is also a drop-down menu that displays your MetroFax fax number, and gives you the option to add another number to send or receive faxes for an additional monthly charge of $7.95. Here, we were able to select international countries, however, it listed some countries in the menu that MetroFax didn't have numbers available for, which was frustrating that they would even be listed if we could not select them. Available area codes for the countries it did support were listed, and when we selected an area code, a map of the matching country was displayed.

My Account is where you can update and view things, such as your preferences, billing information and monthly usage so far. Preferences allows you to edit and update the time and date, the email address where you wish to send and receive faxes as well as add email addresses to your account — the maximum is five email addresses per account. You can also edit your Send Fax options, change your fax number and enable or disable fax receipts here. Your billing information will display your current plan, and Usage shows you your current plan type as well as a breakdown of the number of faxes received and sent that particular month. Clicking on Activity Log under Usage will display a detailed list of faxes with their corresponding dates, times, number of pages, sender and time duration.

Sending/Receiving a Fax

Sending and receiving a fax with MetroFax was as simple and straightforward as the sign-up process. On your home page, you can access the Send a Fax feature. The pop-up window will prompt you to add recipients (the limit is up to 50 per fax) by name, country, company name and fax number. You are also given the option to add a cover letter if you wish. We were pleased to find that MetroFax supports numerous file types when compared to other Internet fax services. These files types include, but are not limited to, PDF, JPG, GIF, PSD and XLS, and you can add up to 10 files per fax.

The first time we tried to send a fax with MetroFax, we experienced an error and a long lag time. However, the second time we tried, we did not experience any issues. It took a mere 45 seconds to send a fax with Websend and just one minute and 26 seconds to receive a fax. The JPG file we received easily opened in our web browser and the clarity of the image was average. The PDF file we sent with MetroFax automatically downloaded and saved to our desktop when we opened the file, and this file's quality was a little better than the JPG; both the files we received came through as black and white, which is standard with traditional faxing.

MetroFax also has a mobile app to make sending and receiving faxes and other important documents a breeze. The app is supported on iOS devices with 5.0 or later and Android devices 2.2 and up.

Customer Support

MetroFax has a FAQ page to assist with sending and receiving faxes, but it doesn't answer much else. It also offers email support and 24/7 support via phone. The wait time for its phone support was about average, and our email was responded to in less than 12 hours.


Overall, MetroFax offers expedient faxing services at a reasonable price. It's very user-friendly and straightforward, making it a top contender in Internet faxing. The only real complaint we had was that it does not clearly display which countries its service supports. The 30-day free trial makes it worth trying out.

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Service Details

Plan Price:$7.95/mo or
(w/annual plan)
Free Trial:30-day free trial
Pages Included:500 combined inbound and outbound per month
Additional Pages:3¢ per page
Send/Receive Times:1m 26s receive;
0m 45s send
Toll Free Number:$1.50/mo

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