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The fax is dead... long live the fax. That's what we might say when eulogizing the fax machine. Really, its time has come. The once-ubiquitous fax machine is taking up less and less desk space in fewer and fewer offices. But faxing itself, the actual sending of documents back and forth, is still alive and remains a crucial tool for many businesses. The Internet fax replaces reams of paper with PDF files. Machines are replaced with websites that allow you to send, store, and receive faxes from anywhere. We've used all the Internet fax services below and sorted out the best from the rest.

Internet Fax Reviews & Ratings

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Services: Our Ratings: Bottom Line:
MetroFax Rating: stars
User-friendly interface with easy-to-navigate features; supports numerous file types; reasonably priced
Fax87 Rating: stars
Straightforward, user-friendly interface; extremely fast send/receive time; stellar customer service
Nextiva vFax Rating: stars
Easy-to-navigate dashboard and detailed faxing options at a great price; sending a fax takes a few more steps than other Internet faxing services
RingCentral Rating: stars
Many options for plan types; average send/receive time; free 30-day trial on all plans; long sign-up process
GoDaddy Rating: stars
Extensive sign-up process; unlimited received faxes on Standard plans; expensive for additional pages per month; no free trial
RapidFax Rating: stars
Quick send/receive time; pricey monthly plans considering the monthly page allotment; 30-day trial is not offered for all plan types
MyFax Rating: stars
Clean interface; user-friendly Websend option for faxing; customer support isn't the best; plans with higher page allotments are rather expensive
eFax Rating: stars
Quick and easy signup process; expensive monthly plans; limited monthly page allotment

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The Fax, and Just the Fax

The fax, like everything else, has gone online. Internet fax services offer all the advantages of the physical fax machine while saving time, space, and resources. With an Internet fax service, you won't have a fax machine cluttering up your office, spitting out endless reams of paper. Internet faxing doesn't even require a fax modem; all you need is an Internet connection. All the Internet fax providers we reviewed allow you to send faxes through a web interface or your favorite email program. Some also include dedicated faxing software or custom fax drivers that allow you to send faxes just as you would print a document. Many people ask us whether or not these services are HIPAA compliant. Since the Internet fax companies themselves cannot control where the user sends or receives faxes and information, they cannot state that they are HIPAA compliant. However, most of the services we review follow strict guidelines to meet factors that go into HIPAA compliance.

How We Reviewed These Internet Fax Services

Our team of in-house reviewers signed up for and tested each of these Internet fax services. We sent faxes from each service to an actual fax machine in order to judge fax clarity and response times. We also measured the time it took for the service to deliver a fax, as well as the time it took each service to receive a fax. This was done three times for each, and results were then averaged.

Internet Fax Differences

When choosing an Internet fax service, there's a lot to look for. Prices vary widely, as do the features. Think about your Internet fax needs, and then decide which features are important to you. If you receive a lot of faxes, choose a plan that includes the most inbound faxes. If you need to add digital signatures to your documents, look for an Internet fax service that offers faxing software with those capabilities. Finally, consider if you need a toll-free number for receiving faxes.

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