GoodwillBargain shoppers beware! Goodwill Industries International, Inc., the nonprofit organization that sells donated merchandise to fund job programs, announced that it’s working with federal officials to investigate a potential security breach, as reported by the Associated Press. The nonprofit said it was first alerted of the breach on Friday, July 18, by federal authorities and a payment card industry fraud investigative unit, who both said card payment information may have been stolen from some of its 2,900 stores throughout the country.

What should Goodwill shoppers should do?

Unfortunately the Goodwill breach has not been confirmed yet, so there are not a lot of details. That being said, there still are some steps that Goodwill shoppers should take to make sure their information remains safe.

1. Monitor previous bank statements and report potential fraud: Since there’s a chance that your information may have been leaked to a hacker, you should go through all of your bank statements to make sure there hasn’t been any potential fraudulent charges since you’ve shopped at Goodwill. If there is an unfamiliar charge, you should call your bank to inquire about the charge as well as report it as fraud.

It should be noted that monitoring your bank accounts should not just be a one-time event, as there is potential that your information still hasn’t been used by thieves and data breaches are becoming a lot more common. It’s also a good regular habit to get into because it can help you detect fraud before it wreaks havoc on your accounts.

2. Consider signing up for an identity theft protection service: Although these services cannot guarantee that you won’t become a victim of identity theft, they still proactively monitor your information to help you detect any potential fraud before it gets too far. These services monitor your personal information on the Internet black market to make sure it isn’t being sold, traded or used by identity thieves. In addition, the activity of your personal information is also monitored on public records to make sure it isn’t being used by identity thieves.

Top-rated identity theft protection services take your protection even further by actively monitoring the information on all three of your credit reports. In the event that any information is added or changed on any of your three credit reports, you will be alerted and provided with steps you need to take in order to protect yourself. And the best part about these services is that they cost less than $20/month. Visit our identity theft protection reviews to see which service will best fit your needs.