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Bottom Line:
Searches other members' trees and automatically syncs matching information; dated website that lacks resource database; not very helpful unless you have a tree of 18+ people

Full Review:
OneGreatFamily's motto is, "The world's largest online family tree ... " and that's about all it is. Compared to other genealogy services, there isn't much to search as far as records. It does bring up vital records on Archives, but you must have an account with that service to access these records. Overall, it's just a decent program for building a family tree.


The three plans offered with OneGreatFamily are a monthly, quarterly and yearly membership, each of which are billed according to the length of subscription. For example, the yearly plan would cost $6.67/month, but is billed at the annual fee of $79.95. The service does offer a free seven-day trial, and you will not be charged anything until the trial period is up.

Getting Started

The signup process with OneGreatFamily is rather lengthy. For starters, when you access its home page, it will recommend that you use Internet Explorer on Microsoft Windows for optimum performance. We found it odd that Mac users aren't able to share the same experience as Windows users. Nevertheless, we continued with signing up and were able to successfully do so on our Mac. The first step was to pick a plan. OneGreatFamily offers an annual subscription for $6.67/month (billed at $79.95 annually), a quarterly subscription for $9.98/month (billed at $29.95 for three months) and a monthly subscription for $14.95/month. There is a free seven-day trial with OneGreatFamily, but you still must select a plan option to complete the signup process.

After selecting a plan, you enter your name and email address, with the option to enter a secondary email address and set your email preferences. This allows you to select what types of email notifications you wish to receive from OneGreatFamily. Then you create and confirm a password for your account and enter your billing information. With the free 7-day trial, you will not be billed at this time, but your card will be charged after the seven days if you do not cancel. On the payment confirmation page, it lists in full detail the steps necessary to cancel your account, which seemed a little more complex than other services. We found the cancellation process to be a big hassle, as the service requires you to follow multiple steps that seemed unnecessary.

Upon payment confirmation, we received a friendly welcome email, which included our user ID, password and start/end date of our trial period. There was also a link to sign in with these credentials, and a confirmation page popped up after initial sign, which listed our selected plan type as well as post-trial billing date and billing rate. This page again listed the detailed steps necessary to confirm cancellation.

Building Your Family Tree

OneGreatFamily will use the name that you entered during the sign up process to begin your family tree. Once you access the Family Tree page, you can view and edit these details for first name, last name, gender, birth date, place of birth, death date and place of death (if applicable). Clicking on individual family member's boxes on your tree will bring up a pop-up window to edit this information, give you the option to upload a photo and show you little factoids, such as, "Did you know Jessica is ranked #26 of all female names?" This is also where you can add a child, spouse or sibling. At the bottom of this pop-up box, you can check mark "this is me" or "invite to find their family tree," which will prompt you to enter a family member's email address and then invite them. You can also uncheck this box if you do not wish to email that particular family member or want to access this option at a later time.

The overview of your family tree itself looks dated and is not as sleek in its design as other family tree services online. What OneGreatFamily does with the information you input is match it to other members' family trees when it finds the same person; it then automatically merges the two family trees together, without giving you the option to review it to ensure it's accurate. We found this a little troubling, being that other genealogy services give you the option to review it first, then add, ignore or save for later.

OneGreatFamily states that with less than 18 names on your family tree, it's less likely for the system to link you with other family trees. So if you have just started with your family research, or your family tree doesn't go back very far, this service won't be very helpful to you at all.

Records and Other Features

There isn't much else that this service offers outside of its family tree builder. Its search option is lacking, and we were only able to find Social Security Death Index records. The results page did bring up other vital records, such as birth and marriage certificates, but these results were through Archives, and required a membership to view them.

On your Family Dashboard, which is accessible from your home page, there are widgets that feature different tidbits of information. The Surname Widget, for example, shows all surnames in your family tree, and the Migration Calendar Widget maps the birth places of a single line of ancestry from your family tree.

Customer Support

There are several guides for getting started with OneGreatFamily, as well as a relatively informative FAQ page with research tips. Much like the interface for the website itself, the video tutorials are very outdated. If you do not find what you're looking for with these resources, you can contact customer support via phone, available Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. MT or via email. The email support strives to respond within one business day, which we found to be true, although we had to provide our name, email and phone number in order to complete the email support form, where most genealogy services don't request your contact number.


If you already have a nearly complete family tree, OneGreatFamily is an average resource for connecting you to its other members with shared surnames and family members within their trees. The response time for doing so was not as quick as other genealogy services, like or Archives, and its database for historical records is extremely scarce. If you're looking for more than a family tree builder, we suggest looking into another genealogy service.

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Service Details

Price:Free 7-day trial; $14.95/mo; $29.95/3 mos; $79.95/yr
Features:Family tree builder; integration with other users' family trees; statistics; migration calendar; surname widget
Resources:Social Security Death Index; other users' family trees; vital records (via Archives)
Customer Support:Email and phone

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