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Genealogy sites help you discover, organize, and publish your family's history. They streamline the information gathering process, allowing you to search historical documents such as census reports, crew manifests, draft records, and birth and death records, giving you unparalleled access to once-scarce information. The integrated family tree tools organize the genealogical data into a familiar format. Many sites allow you to append your family tree with your own photos, videos, and family documents. Genealogy research sites also help you discover and network with other family members. We've used each of these sites and our comparison chart breaks out the pricing and relevant features so you can find the site that's right for you. If you have questions about how we reviewed these genealogy services, check out our genealogy FAQ.

Updated 10-06-2017

Genealogy Sites Comparison Chart

Service Name & RatingPriceFeaturesResourcesCustomer SupportBottom Line
Ancestry Free 14-day trial;
$19.99/mo or $99.99/6 mos for U.S.;
$34.99/mo or $149.99/6 mos for World Explorer;
$44.99/mo or $199.99/6 mos for World Explorer Plus
Family tree builder; database search; massive record and image archive; member connect; enhanced family tree features; contact with genealogy experts; DNA testingCensus records; voter records; birth, marriage & death records; military, immigration & emigration records; newspaper articles; photos; maps; memoirs; public member treesEmail and phone Extremely comprehensive database of all kinds of searchable records; numerous resources for research help; member connect option
FamilySearch FreeFamily tree builder; integration with other users' family trees; database searchCensus records; birth, marriage & death records; military and immigration records; member trees; family history library booksEmail, phone, live chat Large database for family records; multiple options for viewing and creating a family tree; not as user-friendly as other options
MyHeritage Free for Basic;
$9.17/mo for Premium (billed annually);
$10.95/mo for Premium Plus
(billed annually) for first year;
$9.95/mo for first-year Data/Record Search subscription (billed annually)
Family tree builder; database search; massive record search; member collaboration; detailed family tree features; timelines; timebooks; DNA testing; Smart Matching technologyCensus records; birth, marriage & death records; military and immigration records; member trees; newspaper articles; yearbooks; legal records; maps; directoriesEmail Huge database for records; accurate record matches; tons of additional features; free basic plan, yet paid plans require at least one-year commitment Free 14-Day trial; $9.99/moAncestor search; records archive; family tree builder Census records; birth, death, marriage & divorce records; military and immigration records; court records; full background checkEmail Decent database for an affordable price; accuracy of search results vary; not as comprehensive as other genealogy services
Findmypast Premium plan: Free 14-day trial, then $19.95/mo or $239.50/yr
Starter plan: $9.95/mo or $34.95/yr
Family tree builder; collaboration with other users' family trees and research; records archive; timelineCensus records; birth, marriage & death records; military records; immigration and naturalization records; newspaper articles; PERiodical Source IndexEmail Large database for historical records, though results are not always accurate; several different options for family tree views; moderately priced
Service Name & RatingPriceFeaturesResourcesCustomer SupportBottom Line
OneGreatFamily Free 7-day trial; $14.95/mo; $29.95/3 mos; $79.95/yr Family tree builder; integration with other users' family trees; statistics; migration calendar; surname widgetSocial Security Death Index; other users' family trees; vital records (via Archives)Email and phone Searches other members' trees and automatically syncs matching information; dated website that lacks resource database; not very helpful unless you have a tree of 18+ people

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