eBay HackedeBay is asking its users to change their passwords as a result of a recent cyberattack on the company that occurred between late February and early March, as explained in a press release. The Internet consumer-to-consumer company did not detail how many customers may have been impacted by the hack, however the company had a total of 145 million active buyers at the end of this year’s first quarter, according to USA Today.

What information was exposed in the hack?

The cyberattackers compromised a database that houses customers’ encrypted passwords and other non-financial information — such as customers’ names, physical addresses, phone numbers, emails and dates of birth. The company said there’s no evidence that customers’ financial information was exposed in the hack as the information is stored separately in encrypted formats.

How did the eBay hack occur?

Attackers gained access to the database by compromising a small number of employee log-in credentials, giving them unauthorized access to eBay’s corporate network. The company said it’s working with law enforcement and leading security experts to investigate the hack.

What should I do to protect myself?

Even though no financial information was accessed in the hack, there still are some necessary steps for eBay users to take in order to protect themselves from identity theft. It should be noted that following the steps detailed below will not guarantee the security of your information, and, instead will protect you from account takeover as well as protect your personal information.

1. Change your password: As requested by the company, users need to change their password as soon as possible to protect your account from being accessed by the attackers. Although the leaked passwords are encrypted, there still is a chance that they may be exposed, if the attackers can figure out how to override the encryption. Changing your password ensures that your account remains secure.

2. Consider signing up for identity theft protection: This is a step that eBay users may want to take in order to make sure their personal information exposed is not fraudulently used. Identity theft protection services are a good solution to this specific hack because they can help protect your personal information that was exposed in the cyberattack. These services monitor the use of your information, such as your name and date of birth, on the Internet black market and public records to verify that it’s not being sold, traded or used by identity thieves.

In addition to the identity monitoring detailed above, most identity theft protection services also monitor the activity on all three of your credit reports and alert you of any changes or additions to the reports. All of these services cost less than $25/month to protect yourself, and — best of all — most identity theft protection services come with some sort of free trial that allows you to test the service prior to making any financial commitments.

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