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Affordable, customizable and good-tasting full meals available for delivery and pickup; limited support; lacks fitness diary

Full Review:
[Editor's Note: Diet-to-Go is offering a special 10% off discount for first-week orders to readers. Simply click any Diet-to-Go link on to automatically receive this discount at checkout.]

Winner of the 2013 taste test, Diet-to-Go hasn't dropped too far in our taste rankings the past three years. Unlike most of the other diet delivery programs, you can opt for home delivery or local pickup of the meals if you live in one of Diet-to-Go's pickup areas. All of its food options meet low-sodium requirements, and meals rotate on a weekly basis. Diet-to-Go also has an intuitive and interactive system for changing your orders, offering more plan customization than most of the other meal delivery diet services we review, by allowing you to select which meal combinations (breakfast, lunch, and/or dinner) you'd like with its pickup service.

How Does It Taste?

If you don't enjoy the food you're eating, it can be hard to stay true to any diet plan. For this reason, we conducted an independent taste test of all the meal delivery plans we review. Fourteen individuals participated in this blind taste test, rating the meals on taste and appearance. Diet-to-Go landed in third place in our taste test, tying with bistroMD and Nutrisystem with an overall rating of 4 stars. Most of our tasters ranked Diet-to-Go's meals highly on taste as well as the satisfaction/serving size scale and the appearance of the food, making comments that "the veggies tasted fresh," even with some of the breakfast meals, though this was hit or miss across the board; some enjoyed the meals while others made comments that the food was "too soggy" or "watered down." You can see the full results tallied in our meal delivery taste test here.

Plans and Pricing

Diet-to-Go offers a variety of five-day and seven-day plans to choose from with the option of choosing a 1,200 calories per day or 1,600 calories per day plan. You order a customized plan, based on your needs and preferences. Before we dig into the numbers, it's important to note that all of the following prices include the 10% discount, which only applies to the first week. Similarly, be aware that orders' costs may vary, depending on which menus and plans are selected. The women's balance, original and five-day plan can offer you three meals per day (breakfast, lunch and dinner) for $143.59 for the first week, or just lunch and dinner for $121.99 for week one. The men's balance, original and five-day plan costs $151.99 for three meals per day or $129.99 for two meals per day for the first week. In terms of the meals received per day, the balance, original and seven-day women's plan also allows you to choose how many meals you want to order; breakfast, lunch and dinner for the first week will cost you $179.99, and you'll pay $162.99 for just lunches and dinners. The men's versions of these plans cost $198.99 or $174.99, respectively.

Diet-to-Go allows you to have your food delivered, or you can pick up your meals at one of its physical locations in the Washington D.C. area, Baltimore area, Greater Philadelphia area, San Francisco Bay Area and Greater Los Angeles Area. If you live in one of the service's delivery areas and select the pickup option, there is no pickup fee. With the delivery option, you can still choose between full five-day or seven-day plans and partial five-day or seven-day plans (lunch and dinner only), and shipping costs will be $19.98/week.


The meals from Diet-to-Go follow the guidelines from the American Heart Association, the American Cancer Society, the American Diabetes Association and the American Dietetic Association. It also provides low-fat, low-fat vegetarian or low-carb plan options as well. As mentioned before, while all of its meals arrive frozen, some of them need to be thawed in the refrigerator (some in small parts, such as an apple sauce, and some as the whole meal). This was a little frustrating, as we had to inspect each box to determine what needed to go in the refrigerator and what needed to go in the freezer.

All of Diet-to-Go's breakfast, lunch and dinner meals were well-portioned, but one issue we had with the service was the frustrating packaging — some meals contained items that needed to be thawed rather than microwaved prior to eating. After realization of this, we had to go through the packaged meals and scrutinize them individually to determine which contained these items — an annoying endeavor, especially compared to the other services that don't require thawing of individual items in a single meal.

Support and Fitness

Diet-to-Go lacks fitness tools like some of the other programs, but it does offer some helpful dieting tools, including a BMI calculator (to tell you your current body mass index), diet analysis (to help you decide which Diet-to-Go plan is best for you) and Menu Manager (to give you an overview of what meals you are to eat each day for breakfast, lunch and dinner). The service also provides access to a registered dietician, a nutritionist and a certified health coach to offer support and guidance during the process, however, the support offered is not as comprehensive as what we saw with bistroMD and Jenny Craig. For technical support and questions about food orders, Diet-to-Go customer service representatives are available via live chat, email and phone. The customer service hours are Monday through Friday 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. ET and Saturday 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. ET.


Diet-to-Go lacks an exercise component as well as strong support in weight loss, but it does offer convenient, fresh and healthy foods as compared to shelf-stable prepackaged food plans. The plan customization interface makes it easy to get the diet you want, and it has the simplest cancellation and plan customization we've seen. If you are primarily interested in prepared meals at a slightly cheaper price than bistroMD and 17 Day Diet, this is the perfect service for you. But if you're looking for more comprehensive support in your weight loss journey, you may want to look at other options.

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Service Details

Cost:~$18 - $26/day, depending on plan

shipping: $19.98
Diet Types:Freshly prepared meal delivery or local pick up diet; low-fat, low-fat vegetarian or low-carb plan options
Support Types:Access to registered dietician, nutritionist and certified health coach; online forums; diet analysis; BMI calculator
Fitness Diary:None
Taste Component:

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