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A great all-around service with extra, personalized features; couple's discount; military discount; senior discount

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While Ovation is not as old as some of the other top credit repair services, it definitely has the expertise to be successful at credit repair. It offers advanced features that the other top credit repair services don't include, as well as reliable customer service, making it the best all-around credit repair service that we review.


If you are interested in Ovation, the first step is to get a free consultation, which will help answer any questions you have about the service. It does require you to pull your own credit report, but unlike other top credit repair sites, Ovation advises you to obtain your annual free credit report to use for its services instead of directing you to a paid site. After that, if you decide to sign up, you'll be charged $89 to get started, but no monthly fee will be charged for the first month.

Once you've paid your initial payment fee of $89, you can pick between the two packages Ovation offers: the Essentials plan or the Essentials Plus plan. The Essentials plan costs $59/month and includes the basic credit repair services, such as disputing derogatory items, online access to your case status as well as your own Case Analyst and Case Advisor. The Essentials Plus plan costs $89/month and includes a few additional features, such as unlimited goodwill requests, validation challenge letters and credit monitoring through TransUnion.

If you are looking for credit repair for a couple, Ovation has a couple's discount for 20% off both the Essentials and Essentials Plus plans. Military members and seniors over the age of 65 also can receive a 10% discount to their monthly billing, after the first work fee of $89 has been paid. Like most of the top credit repair services, Ovation will not charge you the monthly fee until it has completed all the agreed upon services for the month. If you switch to Ovation from another credit repair service, it will give you a $50 credit toward services as an incentive.


Once you sign up, Ovation will help you obtain your credit report if you don't already have it, and then upload your credit report information to your case file. You'll then be asked to log into your Dispute Manager, which will help both you and Ovation determine which derogatory items to contest. Once you've zeroed in on the items you want to contest, Ovation will send letters to the three credit bureaus that clearly dispute the negative information in your credit report. Each credit bureau then has 30 days to investigate and authenticate the negative information with the credit companies. If they cannot authenticate the information, it must be removed from your credit report.

You also have the option to select Ovation's Fast Track feature, which costs a one-time fee of $25, to receive same day sign up and set up as well as expedited dispute letters. The Identity Optimization feature is another add-on that costs $25 that analyzes all of the personal identity information on your credit report and disputes any errors found in your personal information.


Ovation makes a good-faith effort to be as transparent as it can about the rules and regulations around credit repair and how it follows those rules. It has an "A+" rating from the Better Business Bureau and has been accredited by the organization since 2004, when the company started. Ovation was founded and is run by a group of lawyers, although it is not a law firm like Lexington Law.

Customer Service

Ovation offers customer support via live chat and email as well as phone, from Monday through Friday 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. ET. Although our emails weren't answered immediately, the customer service representatives we spoke to were both friendly and knowledgable, although we did feel a bit pressured to sign up for the service.


Ovation is easy-to-use, affordable and offers some of the best features that we've seen from a credit repair service. Along with a great track record in customer service, Ovation ranks as one of the top services in credit repair.

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Service Details

Price:Plans start at $59/month
Initial Fees:$89
BBB Rating:A+
Site Usability:The site is well organized and easy to understand.
Guarantee:Yes; first month's fee is waived
Customer Service:Phone and email

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