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Not all credit repair services are legitimate. There are many rules that the Federal Trade Commission imposes around credit repair services, and not all companies follow those rules. So which credit repair services are safe to use, and which of those provides the best service? We tested all of the top names in credit repair to find the answer. We ranked the services based on pricing, services offered, reliability and customer service. Check out all the reviews below and find the right credit repair service for you.

Credit Repair Reviews & Ratings

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Services: Our Ratings: Bottom Line:
Lexington Law Rating: stars
An actual law firm that specializes in credit repair law; organized, easy-to-use and reputable; identity theft protection insurance; friends and household discount
Sky Blue Rating: stars
Simple, affordable credit repair service; couple's discount; stellar customer service
Ovation Rating: stars
A great all-around service with extra, personalized features; couple's discount; military discount; senior discount
CreditRepair.com Rating: stars
TransUnion credit report monitoring; couple's discount; no money-back guarantee

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What Is Credit Repair?

Credit repair services use the laws around credit reporting to contest derogatory items on your credit report. They are most effective at removing errors or misinformation from your credit report, but can also be used to find derogatory information that can easily be removed because it violates the rules and regulations around credit reporting. Credit repair services will send legal documents contesting the information on your behalf to the credit bureaus. If the bureaus cannot authenticate the information, it will be removed from your credit report.

Does Credit Repair Work?

It depends on what is in your credit report. If all of the negative information in your credit report is accurate, a credit repair service may not be able to have any of it removed. Remember, only false or unvalidated information can be removed from a credit report. There are ways that credit repair services can work with your creditors to remove certain information from your credit report, such as late payments, but overall it is not easy to get accurate information removed from your credit report.

If you have not checked your credit report for years, there may be inaccurate information on it that can be contested, but if you have checked your report and you know that all the information is accurate, it might not be cost-effective to sign up for a credit repair service.

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