Milestone® Mastercard® with Free Choice of Card Image Milestone<sup>®</sup> Mastercard<sup>®</sup> with Free Choice of Card Image
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Milestone® Mastercard® with Free Choice of Card Image Review

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Bottom Line:
Good for those with fair to average credit, comes with Mastercard benefits

Full Review:
Milestone® Mastercard® with Free Choice of Card Image is a good choice for anyone with credit issues who has had problems qualifying for credit cards in the past. It has a quick pre-qualification process that lets you find out ahead of time if you qualify for the card without affecting or lowering your credit score. Features include 24/7 online account access, the ability to customize your card design and benefits like extended warranty coverage. The annual fee and interest rate are a little high, but if you have a ding or two on your credit report and want a 'regular' credit card (instead of a secured card) this is a strong choice.

  • Quick pre-qualification available with no impact to your credit score
  • Easy pre-qualification process with fast response
  • Choose your custom card design - Free
  • Free online account access
  • Protection from fraud, if your card happens to be lost or stolen
  • Accepted at over 35 Million Locations Worldwide!
  • Previous bankruptcy OK

Fees and APR
  • Annual Fee: $35 - $99 annual fee, depending upon creditworthiness.
  • Foreign Transaction Fees: 1% of transaction amount.
  • Purchase APR: 23.9%.

Apply for a Milestone® Mastercard® with Free Choice of Card Image

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Card Details

Features:A good choice for those with average or limited credit
Purchase APR:23.9%
Annual Fee:$35 - $99 annual fee
Credit Needed:Fair / Good

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