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FreeScoresAndMore has been delivering credit monitoring services for a long time and has assembled an impressive array of benefits and features. This service particularly shines by updating your three-bureau credit scores and reports monthly, which is more often than its closest competition, for just $14.99/month. FreeScoresAndMore.com doesn’t just stop with credit data, though. It includes a wide array of information, financial calculators and identity theft protection features. FreeScoresAndMore.com lets you try all of this with its 30-day free trial. With its three-bureau credit report, free scores from all three bureaus, monthly score and report updates, three-bureau monitoring and affordable ongoing monthly price of $14.99/month, FreeScoresAndMore.com is second to none for monitoring your credit.


FreeScoresAndMore.com’s signup application just takes a couple of minutes to fill out. You’ll need to enter your personal information like name, address and social security number. Note that this is all done via an encrypted webpage, so do not worry about the security of your personal information.

FreeScoresAndMore.com employs some extra security in order to access your instant credit information after signup, which can be a bit of a pain. We had to call its customer support center to further confirm our identity, but this was pretty fast with a helpful representative. On the positive side, however, FreeScoresAndMore.com goes to great lengths during the sign-up process to be very clear about what you are committing to and what you are receiving.

Credit Monitoring, Reports and Scores

You can instantly activate your three-bureau credit monitoring and get access to your three-bureau credit report and all three credit scores. FreeScoresAndMore.com updates your reports and scores monthly so you always have the most current data. This is more frequently than any other credit monitoring service in this price range and is a great benefit. The credit scores you receive are based on the VantageScore 3.0 scoring system. While this isn’t exactly the same as FICO, the most popular credit scoring formula, it was developed by the three credit bureaus and used by some lenders.

We highly recommend the type of three-bureau monitoring that FreeScoresAndMore.com offers because each bureau could have different credit information on file for you. Creditors often only report to one bureau and it only takes negative information on one of your credit reports to make you ineligible for a loan or indicate that you are a victim of identity theft.

FreeScoresAndMore.com does a nice job of organizing your credit information in an easy-to-read format. The service goes beyond just giving you the facts by giving you highly detailed explanations of your scores. It details both factors that are helping your score and factors that are hurting it. If changes are detected in your credit reports or scores, you will be alerted, including via text or email.

It also offers a few credit tools, including an excellent what-if simulator that will estimate how your scores might change if you took various actions such as paid down a debt or had a credit inquiry. The service then provides a nice graphical representation of how your credit scores would change over time. The Score Tracker feature shows all three scores month-to-month so you can see how they’ve changed over time, and you can set alerts to be aware of when your scores go up or down by a certain amount or reach a certain target. Overall, FreeScoresAndMore.com’s credit information and tools are second to none.

Identity Theft Protection and Tools

FreeScoresAndMore.com has some nice identity theft protection benefits, including application monitoring. This service detects if your personal information is being used to apply for wireless services, retail credit, utilities, check orders/reorders and mortgage loans. You will receive real-time alerting, empowering you to take action if needed so fraudulent accounts can be shut down immediately before damage can occur. We particularly like the fraud support, which gives you a dedicated caseworker to help you navigate the confusing and laborious process of restoring your identity.

Customer Support

We found FreeScoresAndMore.com support to be very quick and helpful, able to be reached by phone and email Monday through Sunday from 8 a.m. to 12 a.m. ET. If you have questions about changes in your credit score, you can call the dedicated credit information hotline and connect with a representative will explain these changes to you (just make sure you have your membership number in front of you). Additionally, the credit library provides articles and tips to help you learn about credit and identity theft.


Overall, FreeScoresAndMore.com is a first-rate credit monitoring service that offers some great additional identity theft protection benefits. Its monthly update of all three reports and scores give it an advantage over most other services we review in the amount of credit data provided. When it comes to keeping tabs on your credit, FreeScoresAndMore.com is second to none. With the free 30-day trial, it’s risk-free to find out how you like it.

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