heartbleedSince the news broke about Heartbleed, more and more companies are releasing the details about whether they have been affected and if they have patched the bug. Mashable has compiled and released a complete list of all of the websites impacted by the encryption flaw.

What websites were affected by Heartbleed?

Below is a list (divided by the type of website) of all the companies who were impacted by Heartbleed and have already released a patch for the flaw. If a service you use is on the list below, you need to change your password immediately to make sure your information remains secure. It should be noted that your new password should be a strong one that is completely different from your original password.

Websites impacted by Heartbleed

Social Media:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Pinterest
  • Tumblr


  • Gmail (Google)
  • Yahoo Mail (Yahoo)

Web Hosting and Cloud Storage:

  • Amazon Web Services
  • Box
  • DropBox
  • GoDaddy

Government and Tax Websites: 

  • USAA


  • Etsy
  • Flickr
  • Youtube
  • GitHub
  • OkCupid
  • SoundCloud
  • MineCraft
  • WunderList

How do I create a strong password?

When you’re creating a new password, it’s important to have three elements: uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers and special characters. These elements can be used in any order for your password and as many times as you’d like. Your new password should be at least 8 characters long and remember that the longer your password is the better because it’ll be more difficult to guess.


If you’re having a difficult time thinking of 6 letters, you can use something you love, such as a certain brand — as long as it’s not a big name such as Google — or your favorite animal, item or color. It’s essential that you do not use personal information, such as your birthday, children’s name, pet’s name or anything similar, because this information is easier for thieves to guess. Instead, think of using a phrase or character’s name from a specific show you love or even your favorite flower, color and food.

For example, you can use the phrase “I am the one who knocks” from Breaking Bad. Make that phrase one word (iamtheonewhoknocks) and add some uppercase letters, special characters and numbers to make it iAMthe#one%who75Knocks, a strong password.

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