email marketing reportsOpen rates, click-to-open rates and unsubscribed are all terms that you’ll see if you ever look at your email marketing reports, which are sometimes referred to as your email marketing analytics. These stats are numbers and percentages that your email marketing service provides to you following each newsletter campaign you send out. To help you understand just how helpful your email marketing reports are and why you should pay attention to them, we’re breaking down three ways your email marketing reports can help you create better campaigns and improve your overall email marketing success.

Measure your campaign’s success

When you look at your email marketing analytics or your report summary, you’ll see a bunch of different terms and numbers, all of which can help you see just how successful your newsletter was. Your open rates, for example, relate to your email subject line, as this is the first thing your subscribers see when an email hits their inbox. If it’s enticing enough, they’ll open it, which gives you a higher open rate percentage. Your click-to-open rate, on the other hand, is how many subscribers not only opened your newsletter, but also clicked on a link inside the newsletter. Looking at your click-to-open rate numbers shows how engaging your content is with your subscriber list. There are also a few other items, like social shares, which can usually help you not only see what type of content your subscribers liked, but it can also show you if your subscribers shared any of your content on their personal social media channels with their family and friends.

Segment your list

Your email marketing reports can also help you utilize one of email marketing’s greatest tools — segmented lists. Many report summaries break down your subscribers by basic demographics, such as gender, age and geographic location, which can be a good place to start in segmenting your lists. Then, you can test a few different campaigns to see which does better with which audience. You can also see which content does well with which email addresses if your reports provide a breakdown of link clicks or most clicked on links — note that our top-rated email marketing services provide these analytics. It’s important to note that not all email marketing analytics and reports are the same, as some give you more in-depth analytics when you sign up for a subscription with a premium plan, while other services offer basic report summaries on the free plans. That said, some of the premium plans will give you the option to send out polls or surveys to your subscriber list, so you can get to know your subscribers more, which in turn, can help you better segment your list and cater to your audience.

Identify delivery issues

Another great resource that email marketing reports provide are the deliverable and undeliverable stats, which shows you how many emails you sent out were actually delivered to your subscribers’ inbox. If your report summary shows you a number for delivered, this mean it reached the inbox for that number of people. If any email addresses show up as undeliverable or bounce back, then you’ll know that these email addresses are likely no longer in use, and you can go through your subscriber list to remove them — note that some email marketing services will scrub your list of bounced emails for you. Many report summaries will also show you how many subscribers sent your newsletter to spam without even opening it. If that number is high, this could be a sign that you need to revise your subject line, or that you send too many newsletters out are annoying your subscribers. One way to remedy this is to give your subscribers an option of how frequently they’d like to receive newsletters from you when they initially sign up.

As we mentioned before, your report summary and analytics can vary depending on what type of plan you sign up for, and which email marketing service you’re using. You can learn more about the different email marketing services available and see what each has to offer by visiting our email marketing reviews.