important to have a mobile siteWhether you’re building a site for the first time or you already have a complete site, a mobile version of your site is something you’ve probably thought about before, but is it completely necessary? According to the Pew Research Center, mobile users are now the norm in the U.S., as 95% of Americans own some kind of cell phone and 77% of Americans own smartphones. Additionally, based on information from Statista, 157.6 million people accessed search services through their mobile devices – a number that may increase to 215.8 million by 2019. As more people browse the Internet through their phones, having a mobile website becomes increasingly important. While user experience is a good reason to create a mobile site, it’s not the only one. Keep reading to find out more about why it’s essential for you to have a mobile site, and get some tips on how you can create a mobile-friendly version of your site.

Search engines prefer mobile sites

With the increasing number of users accessing the Internet through mobile devices, it’s unsurprising that search engines have taken note. Google, which currently mostly ranks pages based on desktop versions of websites, recently announced that it’s started migrating websites to its mobile-first index. This means Google’s algorithms will eventually rank more search listings based on mobile versions of website content. Bing is also following suit, which means a mobile website matters more than ever if you hope to get any SEO for your site, bringing us to our next point.

How to create a mobile website

Getting a mobile website isn’t as hard as you’d think, as a website builder could make the process an easy one for you. For example, Squarespace ensures that your website has a responsive design. This enables your website to automatically adjust based on the size of the browser window, helping your website to fit whatever device is being used to access it. In other words, responsive design enables your website to resize itself to fit your mobile’s screen. It’s also something Google recommends to prepare for its mobile-focused index. In addition, Squarespace offers a number of templates that provide built-in mobile styles, and these styles kick into play for visitors browsing your website through their phones, enabling a more mobile-friendly website.

It should be noted that a number of other website builders, including Wix and Weebly, can provide subscribers with mobile optimization for their sites. Because there can be a distinction between the terms “mobile friendly,” “mobile optimization” and “responsive design,” however, make sure to look into what these services can offer you when it comes to building a mobile website. For example, while all Weebly sites are mobile-optimized websites, not all Weebly themes are responsive. Weebly’s website does state that Weebly is offering more and more responsive themes though. Similarly, Wix-built websites are mobile-friendly and are becoming more responsive as the company adds more elements, according to Wix.

Make sure your mobile website loads quickly

After you create your mobile website, you’ll want to make sure your website runs quickly. Studies have shown that the speed of a page impacts how long a visitor stays on your website. Based on data from Google, 53% of mobile site visitors say goodbye and leave a page that loads for over three seconds. The data suggests that a website with a shorter load time may retain visitors better.

If that statistic isn’t a big enough incentive for you to make a quicker mobile website, there are also SEO-related reasons for making a mobile website that loads quickly. In January 2018, Google announced that, beginning in July 2018, page speed will become a ranking factor when it comes to mobile searches. This means that having a website with a quicker speed may give your website a boost in search rankings.

There are tools that help make sure your page speed is what you want it to be. PageSpeed Insights, for example, can provide suggestions to help you improve your website. You can also predict how your website’s speed may impact conversion rates through another Google tool.

Now that you know a bit more about why it’s important to have a mobile site, visit our website builder reviews to find the right service for you. Also, check our website building blog to learn more tips for building a successful website.