Which Diet Delivery Services Cater to Those with DiabetesDieting with diabetes can be a challenge, as you have to ensure the food you’re eating is not only nutritious, but also diabetic-friendly. Lucky for you, subscribing to a diet delivery service can allow you to easily manage your diabetes and work toward your weight loss goals. Best of all, when it comes to online diet programs, you can choose from a wide variety of services to pick the right one for you — just remember to consult with a physician before beginning any diet. Not sure which diet delivery services cater to those with diabetes? Keep reading to see our list of the top services.

Jenny Craig

Jenny Craig, our top-rated diet delivery service, offers the Jenny Craig for type 2 plan for those with type 2 diabetes. The plan costs $15 for the first 15 pounds you lose or 12 weeks, whichever happens first, plus the price of food — about $15 to $26/day — and shipping fees, if applicable. This plan includes breakfast, lunch, dinner and three snacks (mid-morning, afternoon and evening) for each day of the week. Jenny Craig’s type 2 menu includes calorie and carbohydrate controlled meal options, which means you don’t have to wonder if its meals are safe for you to eat. On top of that, Jenny Craig offers its signature perk to Jenny Craig for type 2 subscribers — a personal consultant. As a customer, you can access your personal consultant, who will guide you to make healthier eating choices and lifestyle changes, once a week. By providing you with the right foods and a personal consultant, this program can facilitate hassle-free diabetes management and meal planning.


bistroMD, another one of our top-rated diet delivery services, offers customizable men’s and women’s diabetes meal plans, making it a strong candidate for those who have certain dietary restrictions. After you choose between a seven-day plan and a five-day subscription, the service delivers diabetic-friendly breakfast meals, lunches and dinners — or just lunches and dinners — to your door. The costs range from $119.95/week to $179.95/week, depending on how many meals you want to receive. Here’s when the customization on your part kicks in: When you’re signing up for the program, you select the type of entrees you want to eat (e.g., diabetic), and bistroMD’s registered dieticians craft your program, ensuring that it will help you properly and safely lose weight. If you have specific requests, bistroMD’s dietitians can work with you to create a menu that accommodates any health conditions or preferences. After your meal plan is created, your food is delivered to your door, and you simply have to heat your dishes to enjoy them — no additional grocery shopping is needed. With a customizable menu, satisfying portion sizes and no-prep-needed meals, it’s easy to say “bon appetite” before chowing down on bistroMD’s food.


Diet-to-Go offers a meal plan, the Balance-Diabetes subscription, for those preventing or monitoring Pre-Diabetes or Type 2 Diabetes — and if you live in the right locale, you can conveniently pick up your meals for free. The Balance-Diabetes plan is designed to adhere to the American Diabetes Association’s recommended guidelines, while also helping you lose weight. Costs are based on whether you order meals for five days per week or seven days per week, and they also depend on whether you ask for two meals per day (lunch and dinner) or three meals per day. The prices also vary depending on the selected plan, as women’s and men’s plans have different costs. For example, ordering the women’s two meals per day for five days per week costs $121.99/week ($12.20/meal), while getting three meals per day for five days a week amounts to $143.59/week ($9.57/meal). Ordering the women’s two meals per day for seven days per week equates to $162.99/week ($11.64/meal), and receiving three meals per day for seven days a week costs $179.99/week ($8.57/meal).

After you place your order, you customize your meal preferences, giving you the chance to pick your meals from a selection of choices. Diet-to-Go offers meal delivery for $9.99/delivery, or depending on where you live, local meal pickup for free. Before eating your Diet-to-Go meals, you simply have to reheat any meals that need to be warmed up. Like most other diet delivery services, Diet-to-Go’s meals are fully cooked, so you can dig into them at any temperature to your liking.


Nutrisystem caters three different plans to those with type 2 diabetes, and it provides both women’s and men’s plans, with the men’s plans allowing for a higher caloric intake and more snacks. The four-week meal plans, named Diabetes Basic, Diabetes Core and Diabetes Uniquely Yours, require you to supplement your subscription with fresh groceries. If you don’t mind taking a couple trips to the grocery store, Nutrisystem’s plans may be right for you. For women, the Diabetes Basic plan costs $9.20/day with a four-week prepay (total is $257.53), and subscribers receive three meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) per day for the first week. Men’s Diabetes Basic plan subscribers pay $10.52/day with a four-week prepay (amounting to $294.45), and the package provides three meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) per day for the first week. Both the women’s and men’s plans provide snacks. The Diabetes Basic plan also gives subscribers unlimited access to counselors and certified diabetes educators, online tracking tools and an app. Only those subscribing to the Diabetes Core plan and above can choose their own meals, whereas Diabetes Basic plan members need to pay additional fees for this option. The women’s Diabetes Core plan, which serves the same number of meals and snacks as the Diabetes Basic plan, costs $9.86/day with a four-week prepay (amounting to $275.99), whereas the men’s Diabetes Core plan costs $11.18/day with a four-week prepay (total is $312.91). The Diabetes Uniquely Yours programs are one step above the Diabetes Core plans, but both plans serve the same number of meals. The Diabetes Uniquely Yours programs provide frozen food, while the other plans don’t — they offer shelf-stable food. The women’s Diabetes Uniquely Yours program costs $11.34/day (with a four-week prepay of $317.53), while the men’s Diabetes Uniquely Yours plan costs $12.66/day with a four-week prepay (amounting to $354.45).

Diabetes meal planning can be stressful, but it’s even more stressful when you have to keep both dieting and diabetes in mind. Diet delivery services, however, can turn meal planning into something you don’t lose hair over. Now that you know about some diet delivery services and their meal plans, check out our reviews of diet delivery services to learn more about your options.