Trump Hotels breachSome companies that experience data breaches make major changes to their security measures and don’t suffer the same problem again. Others don’t upgrade quickly — or effectively — enough and are hit again by hackers that know they’re already weak and susceptible to intrusions. Trump Hotel Collection appears to be suffering déjà vu this week as reports of a new credit card systems breach have been made public. This same group of luxury hotels dealt with a credit card systems breach less than a year ago, as reported by cybersecurity blogger Brian Krebs in July 2015 and confirmed by Trump Hotel Collection in Oct. 2015. This newest breach hasn’t been confirmed by the hotel chain itself yet, but the organization is currently investigating with help from the FBI and Secret Service, so it’s likely that more information will be available soon.

Who might be affected by this Trump hotels breach?

According to the banking industry sources that Krebs cited in his article, fraud patterns were detected on cards used at multiple Trump Hotel Collection locations internationally — including Trump International Hotel New York, Trump Hotel Waikiki in Honolulu and the Trump International Hotel & Tower in Toronto. Trump hotels are located around the world and cater to consumers seeking a luxury vacation, so stolen credit card data from these places could be incredibly lucrative to thieves. At this time, there is no additional information available regarding exact dates and locations consumers should be concerned about. Trump Hotel Collection offered affected customers complimentary fraud resolution and identity theft protection services through Experian after the last breach, so it’s probable this will be provided once again.

What can I do if I’m concerned I’ve been a victim?

Anyone who has stayed at a Trump Hotel Collection location (or spent money at one using a credit or debit card) in the last year should take into consideration the possibility that their card information might have been exposed. There is no way to know for sure until you receive word from the organization itself, but there are a number of proactive steps anyone can take if they’re concerned about a data breach. You can learn more about protecting yourself from identity theft and fraud by following our identity theft protection blog. Keep checking back for more information on this data breach and others, and read our identity theft protection service reviews if you would like to purchase a plan to protect yourself and your family.