weebly acquisitionOn May 31, 2018, one of our top-rated website builders, Weebly, announced that it had officially become a part of financial services company Square, marking the close of the Weebly acquisition. According to a press release, Weebly, known for its popular website- and online store-building tools, agreed to be acquired by Square, a company renowned for the credit card processing system it provides, for approximately $365 million in cash and stock. If you’re a Weebly user, you may be wondering how this acquisition could affect you. Keep reading to get the breakdown.

What is the goal of this acquisition?

In the press release, Square announced that it will be working with Weebly to create a “cohesive solution,” enabling users to grow an omnichannel business (i.e., a business that operates across different channels, such as physical locations, eCommerce, digital channels and more). Weebly and Square have both said that the deal will allow small business customers to use the two companies’ services, with Square stating its intention to merge “Square’s hardware and software for payments with Weebly’s website hosting, design and online stores … ” As for the similarities between the two companies, a note by Weebly Founder and CEO David Rusenko underlines the companies’ similar vision. Namely, a shared goal to create technology that cuts down the amount of “busy work” for entrepreneurs, allowing them to focus on other tasks.

How does this impact current Weebly users?

If you’re a Weebly user, it’s natural to wonder how this acquisition could impact you. Here’s more about what’s in store for Weebly customers:

Your Weebly service probably won’t change in the near term

Based on the fine print under Rusenko’s note, Weebly’s service won’t be affected in the near term. This means your Weebly website will remain live for the “foreseeable future,” and you will still be able to access the same Weebly support team and help resources.

As aforementioned, however, it’s been noted that Square and Weebly will be trying to give customers one cohesive solution and a more integrated experience, with the goal to allow customers to kick off or expand businesses through a tighter integration. Because of that, it’s good to keep in mind that while there might not be changes to your service at this time, it’s possible that you may notice some updates in the future.

Will Weebly change its prices?

Based on the information that’s currently available, details about future prices can’t be fully confirmed at this time. Weebly, however, did provide a comment to a Weebly blog reader that may shine some light on the subject, given that it confirms that that reader will be able to renew their plan at the same rate.

Will your login information change?

At this time, your login and Weebly account aren’t changing, and you’ll still be visiting weebly.com to access your account.

Can your site use a payments processor that isn’t Square?

Weebly states that it doesn’t currently have plans to “limit” your choice of payment processors at your disposal.

While it sounds like there aren’t any major changes planned for Weebly users in the near term, it’s still a good idea to be prepared for any modifications that could come your way, since it’s possible for policies to change. As such, stay up-to-date on website building news by following our website building blog, and take the time to learn about other website builders that could also be a good fit for you and your website.