switch to internet faxAlthough the fax machine may seem like a thing of the past, many people and businesses still use faxing for sending important documents. Whether it’s for healthcare related information, legal advice, invoicing or other important papers, there are many people who still need to send and receive faxes. Fortunately, with Internet fax, you no longer have to waste space with a huge fax machine or listen to that irritating connection sound when connecting to another device. Here are a few perks of switching to Internet fax.

Save space

Using Internet fax instead of traditional fax saves you storage space, and in more ways than one. Traditional faxing uses up tons and tons of paper, but with Internet fax, you can send, receive and store faxes online, which means you don’t need that bulky filing cabinet. Additionally, these services store your faxes on your account online, so there’s no need to take up any space on your computer’s hard drive. And since you send and receive faxes through your computer or mobile device, you’ll be saving desk space where the bulky fax machine once used to be.

Save money

Because home and business phone bills have gotten more expensive in recent years, many people are opting for other methods to cut costs, such as using VoIP services or using cell phones and cutting their landlines altogether. A major benefit of Internet fax is that all you need is a computer, laptop or mobile device and a working Internet connection, which most homes and businesses already have. There’s no need to pay for a separate phone line for your fax number, as these services assign you a virtual fax number — you get to pick the area code — that you’ll send and receive faxes from. And if you’d like to try one of these services for free, we’ve detailed four Internet fax services that offer free trials so you can test them out before you make a financial commitment.

Save time

With Internet fax, there’s no need to go to a physical fax machine to send off an important or time-sensitive document, as you can do it remotely, on-the-go and at your own convenience. Many of these services have user-friendly mobile apps that even allow you to securely sign documents from the safety of your smartphone or tablet, anytime and anywhere. Check out our guide to Internet fax mobile apps to find out more about how they work.

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