summer vacation travelSummer is the perfect time to travel for lots of people across the country, with kids out of school and plenty of fun to be found at vacation destinations around the world. Whether you’re planning a simple three-day weekend retreat or want to go big and jet off to a faraway country for a couple of weeks, you probably want to be able to do it for the least amount of money and stress possible. The good news is that a number of travel websites exist solely to help people book the perfect trip, and we’ve outlined a few good reasons why you should consider using one to finalize your summer vacation plans. Get ready to dive in and learn how travel sites can make your summer vacation a splash!

Travel sites let you book more than just hotels and airfare

While an awful lot of the focus for most travel sites is on letting people find and book hotel stays and air travel, many also let you book other types of travel — from cruises to vacation home rentals to activities. Expedia, for example, has a Discover tab on its site that lets users search for specific criteria, such as “shows in Las Vegas this weekend” or “hiking in Jamaica.” You can also look for activities in a specific area by using its Things to Do tab. Several other travel sites, including Orbitz, Travelocity and allow users to book activities, and TripAdvisor even lets you make restaurant reservations. If you’re looking for something to do once you get to your destination, chances are you may not have to look further than the travel site you’re using to book other details of the trip. And since many of these sites offer mobile apps, you can even take advantage of this convenience on the go.

Save money, time and hassle by booking everything at once

Families, couples or even groups of friends trying to book a summer vacation are probably going to need to book more than just a flight or a hotel. You might need to make reservations for nights at multiple locations, rent a car or even book tickets for local attractions at your destination of choice. Doing all of this through multiple websites or booking agencies is a daunting, time-consuming task, but fortunately, several of our top-rated travel websites offer the ability to bundle different types of travel bookings, so you can take care of every detail of your trip simultaneously. Bundle deals or vacation packages are offered by a number of travel sites, and you will usually be able to customize your package to select a combination of hotel, airfare and car rental (or all three) and book them all at once. What’s more, you can often save money by booking different aspects of your travel altogether, and save time by booking other extras like activities using the same site.

Adventurous spirits can take advantage of great deals

Want to do something daring? Many travel sites feature a deals section that will let you find low prices on flights, hotels and complete vacation packages to different places. For example, Priceline’s Name Your Own Price tool lets you decide on an amount you’d like to pay and bid on hotel rooms or flights. The caveat is that you won’t know the hotel or flight details until afterward if you win, but it’s a great way to score a deal if you’re feeling up for the risk. While you might be able to find a good deal on a trip to somewhere specific, this option is best suited to those who want to take a leap and go somewhere for the fun of it. If you know you want to spend your trip soaking in the sun and sipping cool drinks by the water, but you don’t have a preference as to where, checking out the deals section on a travel site could be your ticket to a cheap summer vacation.

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