free genealogyYou’ve probably heard about online genealogy services and how they can help you find family more easily, but have you ever wondered if it’s possible to try genealogy services for free? Believe it or not, there are some genealogy services that fit the bill. Here are three services that help you uncover your family tree, discover long-lost relatives and learn about your family’s history – all at no cost.


Ancestry is our top-rated genealogy service. While it doesn’t offer a free subscription, Ancestry does give each user a free 14-day trial to try its plans. There are three different plans that you can test out without paying up: the U.S. Discovery, World Explorer and All Access plans. The plans differ in terms of their prices and offerings.

The U.S. Discovery plan costs $19.99/month (or $99 for a six-month membership) after the trial period, and the plan includes the ability to build and share your family tree through online tools, connect with other Ancestry subscribers and explore U.S. records on Ancestry. The World Explorer plan, on the other hand, costs $34.99/month (or $149 for a six-month membership) after the free trial. This plan includes all U.S. Discovery plan offerings as well as the ability to access international records. Ancestry’s final option is the All Access plan, which costs $44.99/month (or $199 for a six-month membership) after the trial period. The All Access plan provides the same features as the aforementioned packages, and it also gives users access to military records and 112 million articles.


One of our top-rated genealogy services, FamilySearch, is associated with The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and free for all subscribers. FamilySearch allows you to build your family tree online, search records, upload photographs and collaborate with other subscribers. By visiting one of FamilySearch’s family history centers, some of which can be found in various U.S. locations, you can even get free, personal assistance with your genealogy search. FamilySearch also provides 24/7 phone support to all subscribers.


MyHeritage offers a number of plans, and one of them is free. The free plan, called the Basic site plan, allows users to build an online family tree that can hold up to 250 people, and each Basic site subscriber receives 500 MB of online storage space. You can add photos and stories to your family tree, and you can also search billions of records when you’re researching your family’s history. MyHeritage provides technology that can assist you as you go about your family history search, such as tech that helps you sync your family tree information across devices.

If you find that you want more than what MyHeritage’s Basic plan can provide, you could look into MyHeritage’s Premium subscription or PremiumPlus subscription. For first-year subscribers, the Premium plan costs $9.17/month with a $110 annual prepay. Each Premium plan subscriber can add up to 2,500 people to a family tree. They’ll also receive 1,000 MB of storage and additional perks and features, such as priority customer support and enhanced Smart Matching, a tool that helps confirm and reject matches.

First-year subscribers of the PremiumPlus plan need to pay up a bit more. For first-year subscribers, the PremiumPlus plan costs $10.95/month with a $131.34 annual prepay. Under this plan, users can add an unlimited number of people to their family trees. Subscribers also receive unlimited storage for photos and other features, including a Tree Consistency Checker – a tool that can identify mistakes in the family tree that you’re building.


While Archives doesn’t offer a free subscription, it does give users a free 14-day trial. By using this service, you can search from 660 record collections, and as you go about your family history research, you can look at more than 7.4 billion photos, newspapers and vital records. Once you’re ready to start building your family tree, you can use one of Archives’ family tree templates to do so. After the free trial ends, you’ll be charged $9.99/month (plus tax) on a month-to-month basis.

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Now that you know how to try genealogy services for free, dig into these services and learn what else they can offer you. Check out our genealogy service reviews and DNA testing blog posts for more information.