guilt-free HalloweenThe jack-o’-lantern smiles, witch hats and candy corn have arrived in bulk. The aromas of apple pie and cinnamon swirl fill the air, but like a phantom in the back of your mind, you somewhat remember that diet you’ve sworn to stay on before the holiday season hits.

Once again, it’s that time of year for Halloween sweets and treats. Instead of pushing yourself to recoil in response to your favorite Halloween foods, save that for your next walk through a haunted house and allow yourself a few indulgences. Read on to learn how you can treat yourself to a healthy and guilt-free Halloween with these tricks.

Some tricks when it comes to treats

When it comes to buying and serving Halloween treats, every small decision can determine if you progress toward or away from your diet goal, which is why it’s wise to consider some of our tricks. First, try purchasing the Halloween candy closer to the date of the holiday. By getting the treats one day or so before All Hallows’ Eve, you won’t have a prolonged internal fight over whether or not you should “try” the store-bought candy. Procrastinating, in the case of when to buy your candy, can be a positive force, preventing you from finishing confections before kids start marching to your door.

To make sure that you don’t just short your usually ongoing Halloween candy feast tradition into a one-day chocolate binge, here’s another Halloween trick to also try: Hide the purchased goods far from your eyeline until the trick-or-treaters arrive at your front door. Sharing the sweets with the stream of parading spooks could prevent you from overeating Halloween candy. As the adage goes, sharing is caring, and we would like to add that sharing can be caring when it comes to your diet goals, too.

If candy is one of your guilty pleasures, consider picking up a sugarless treat for your trick-or-treaters. For example, small toys (e.g., mini Play-Doh or spider rings) from the drug store or Halloween-themed stickers can be a nice surprise for kids, and you won’t be tempted by any candy around the house.

Follow a structured but flexible meal plan

We know that Halloween isn’t just about the candy — we all have that apple pie or pumpkin spice latte we like to indulge in. Luckily, a structured meal plan can allow you to have some of grandma’s jack-o’-lantern cookies without guilt.

A guilt-free, treat-filled Halloween? No, this isn’t a trick-or-treat ploy. Simply planning your meals and accounting for cheat meals can do the trick. While you can definitely meal plan on your own and make healthier decisions, like choosing broccoli over French fries, it’s not the best option for everyone. If you think that meal planning equates to too much wasted time ticking calories or you need some extra help, you can consider subscribing to a more flexible diet delivery service. For example, bistroMD offers a seven-day program that provides seven breakfasts, seven lunches, six dinners and My Night, a day for you to eat out with people and indulge in your favorite fare. By subscribing to this kind of program, you can eat healthy and indulge in spectacular treats on your Halloween night while working toward your goals.

Subscribe to an online diet program

Some diet delivery services provide your holiday favorites, so they could be worth looking into if you want healthy and festive foods. One such service, Jenny Craig, offers pumpkin loaves and pumpkin spice cakes on its menu. Keep in mind, however, that some of these offerings may only be available to subscribers of certain plans. The Halloween menu that Jenny Craig caters, for example, is classified as a Premium item.

Halloween offers many temptations that may make you want to forget your diet goals. But with some eating tricks, meal planning or an online diet program subscription, you can treat yourself to a guilt-free Halloween. To learn more about different online diet programs that could keep you on the right track, check out our reviews of diet delivery services.