best diet deliveryIf you’re trying to work toward a weight loss goal, you may want to consider signing up for a program to help you get started. Those who might not know the most about nutrition or who are looking for a convenient way to begin their weight loss journey may want to look into a diet delivery program. That’s because these programs deliver healthy, portion-controlled meals right to you, so you don’t have to worry about cooking or meal planning. What’s more, a number of these services allow you to adjust the number of meals you receive (e.g., three meals per day for five days) to fit your lifestyle. To help you find the right service for your goals, we’re breaking down how you can evaluate some of the aspects of each service, including pricing, flexibility, convenience, dietary restrictions and add-ons.

Examine prices and values

Comparing diet delivery plan prices requires examining fine print with detective-level eyes, as not all services are completely upfront about their pricing. Lucky for you, we’ve done most of the sifting to provide you with in-depth information about diet program prices here. It’s important to note that programs’ prices may fluctuate depending on the plan and menu you select. As such, it’s wise to make sure you also think about pricing within the context of diet program length, how many meals you want to purchase, portion size and add-ons.

Here is an example of a pricing analysis you could do.

Nutrisystem, a service we previously featured as a comparatively more budget-friendly option, has a promotion that is applicable to new four-week auto-delivery orders. What does this offer give you?

  • It currently allows customers to purchase its four-week women’s Basic Plan for about $253.84, priced at $423.06 without NextAdvisor’s 40% discount. With the promotion, the men’s Basic Plan costs $290.76, instead of $484.60. Note that Nutrisystem provides other four-week plans with higher price tags and special add-ons, like unlimited support.
  • The four-week Basic Plan offers clients a preplanned menu that consists of breakfast, lunch, dinner, a shake and a bar each day during the first week. Subscribers will receive the Favorites pack for the following three weeks, which includes 18 breakfast meals, 18 lunches, 18 dinners and 18 snacks, so you’ll have to add three meals of your own to complete your calorie count.
  • You will need to supplement Nutrisystem meals with additional groceries, such as fruit, dairy and vegetables.

Voila! You now know more about the price for a specific package. If you’re looking into a diet delivery service, you’ll want to make sure you evaluate the pricing using a similar method, or check out our diet delivery service reviews to learn all about some of the most well-known services. Read on for more information about differences in diet food delivery services’ flexibility, convenience, portion sizes and add-ons.

Consider the program’s flexibility

No need to get into pretzel-style meditation form, but take some time to honestly reflect on your habits and schedule. Diet food delivery services differ in the number of meals and types of food they offer, and knowing yourself and your regular eating habits is key to picking the program structure that would mesh well with your routine. Are you a morning person who probably won’t toss your sunny-side-up-egg breakfast routine, or do you lean more toward the “culinary homebody” side of the kitchen-friendly spectrum? If so, then Diet-to-Go may be a good service for you because it gives you the option of choosing to order two non-breakfast meals per day instead of three meals. If maximizing time outside of the kitchen would optimize your life, select a plan like 17 Day Diet. This program offers a preplanned, fixed menu consisting of breakfast, lunch and dinner for seven days a week.

Think about each program’s convenience

There are diverse interpretations of the terms “delivery service” and “meals,” so before putting down an order, determine how convenient each program would be for you. Will you be enrolled in the diet service during the camp-by-your-space-heater snow season? Or would scheduled meal pickups instigate needed breaks from vegetating? Some services, like Jenny Craig, allow you to opt for food delivery or in-person pickup. Certain diet program services are also more suitable for certain lifestyles.

Also, when it comes to calculating a service’s convenience, realize that not all portions are created equal. Some diet plans, such as bistroMD program, offer frozen meals with larger portions, while other diet delivery plans, Nutrisystem being one of them, encourage customers to supplement their programs’ meals with other items. As such, deciding how much food you would like to order from a plan can also help you narrow down your options.

Consider your dietary restrictions

If you have dietary restrictions, you can welcome the diet delivery service world’s menus and personalized plans into your life. Although not all diet delivery services offer plans for those with dietary restrictions, there are still a number of services that do. For example, bistroMD supplies diabetic and gluten-free programs, customizable menus and dietitians that tailor your plan to your needs. For vegans who have experienced migraines due to late-night meal planning, subscribing to a diet food delivery plan could help you bid goodbye to that pain point. While we may not have had the finest experience with Fresh n’ Lean, this service delivers vegan-friendly food that’s 100% organic and free of gluten, dairy and preservatives.

Don’t forget the extras

Add-ons are important to consider if you’re looking for a diet delivery service that dishes out more than just food, and some diet food delivery service perks may perk up your ears more than others. Jenny Craig In Center or Jenny Craig at Home programs, for example, provide each client with a consultant who offers one-on-one guidance about healthier eating and exercise behaviors. Some services have also made updates to the spiral food journal stereotype, bestowing their customers with online tools to track food intake, activities and weight.

The diet delivery service industry may present many options, but by considering these points, you can find the plan that was truly created to feed you and help you work toward your goals. Now, with all these tidbits in mind, kickoff your search for the best diet delivery program by referring to our diet delivery service reviews.