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Q:  How do I cancel [FreeCreditReport.com] after report?

A: FreeCreditReport.com offers a free Experian credit report and credit score when you sign up for a seven day free trial of three bureau credit report monitoring service.  FreeCreditReport.com offers simple instructions on the website on how to cancel your account at anytime:

How do I cancel my membership?

If for any reason you are not satisfied, you can cancel anytime to discontinue your membership to Triple Advantage Credit Monitoring and stop the monthly billing. However, you will not be eligible for a prorated refund of any portion of your current month’s paid membership fee. To cancel, please contact Customer Care at 1-888-829-6560.

Just because FreeCreditReport.com makes it easy to cancel your subscription doesn’t necessarily mean you should cancel after you have received your free credit report and score.  Subscribing to a credit report monitoring service is the most cost effective way we know of to keep tabs on your financial health and, just as importantly, save you money.  Your credit file is constantly changing and negative items on your credit report can literally cost you hundreds or even thousands of dollars per year.

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