NOTE: As of July 2015, BasicTalk home VoIP service is no longer available through NextAdvisor.

Is your phone bill starting to add up? Want unlimited calling but don’t want to pay a hefty price to get it? Well, you’re in luck because there’s a way for you to get unlimited U.S. calling for less than $10 with VoIP.

What Is VoIP?

VoIP, which stands for Voice over Internet Protocol, is the method of sending voice communications (phone calls) through the Internet rather than traditional phone lines. With VoIP you can continue to use your same phone with your current phone number, and VoIP’s call clarity and quality are identical, if not better, to your traditional phone service.  Since the calls are routed through the Internet, VoIP services are cheaper and include a lot more features — such as caller ID, voicemail and other VoIP-specific features — for free.

Our Top Picks for VoIP Phone Service

Unlike traditional phone services, the prices for VoIP services are very upfront and add up to less than $10 per month. We’ve reviewed the leading VoIP services to see which services are the best. Below are our top choices for unlimited calling under $10 per month.

Best month-to-month plan: If you’d prefer a service that doesn’t require a long-term commitment, BasicTalk is the solid choice for you because it offers unlimited calling to the U.S., Canada and Puerto Rico for $9.99 per month. For the low monthly price, you not only get unlimited calling but also free features, such as voicemail, caller ID and call waiting. Since BasicTalk is a month-to-month service, you have the freedom to cancel it at any time for no additional charge. Sign up for BasicTalk to get commitment-free VoIP service today.

Best plan with 2-year commitment: If you’re not afraid of a long-term commitment, then VOIPo is a good option for you. It only costs $6.21 per month for two years (paid in full at sign up) of unlimited calling to the U.S. and Canada. Another unlimited calling plan to the U.S. and Canada that VOIPo offers costs $8.25 per month for one year of service (paid in full at sign up). Both the two-year and one-year plans include more than 35 calling features for free, including call waiting, caller ID, three-way calling, call forwarding, 411 directory assistance and voicemail. This service also provides a 30-day money back guarantee, which allows you to receive a full refund within the first 30 days of service in the event that you’re unhappy. Sign up for VOIPo to start saving money on unlimited calling.

VoIP services don’t only provide unlimited calling to the U.S., Canada and Puerto Rico, they also provide budget-friendly plans for unlimited calling to countries around the world.

Best plan for international calling: If you need a service that provides unlimited calling throughout the world, then Vonage World is the plan for you. This service offers unlimited calling to more than 60 countries for a limited-time price of $9.99 for the first six months of service and then $26.99 per month thereafter when you sign up for one year of the service. Vonage World also includes an array of features like caller ID, call waiting, enhanced call forwarding, do not disturb, three-way calling and anonymous call block. On top of the unlimited calling to places throughout the world and more than 25 features, Vonage also offers a 30-day money back guarantee that allows you to receive a full refund if you’re not satisfied with the service. Sign up for Vonage World and get connected with family members and friends throughout the world.

It should be noted that VoIP customers are required to pay additional taxes and fees for services such as Enhanced 9-1-1, which registers your phone number to your home address so emergency services can locate you in the event that you dial 9-1-1. These taxes and fees are not costly at all and usually add up to less than $3 per month.

Is VoIP difficult to set up?

VoIP is as easy to set up as your traditional phone. When you sign up for a VoIP service, the service will send you an analog adapter that converts your voice and allows it to travel through your Internet router and be received on the other end of the call.unlimited calling

To set up VoIP, simply connect your touch-tone phone to the adapter and then connect the adapter to your Internet router. The image on the right displays the standard VoIP adapter that’s provided by the VoIP service.

Since the adapter only takes up one Ethernet port, you’ll still be able to use the other ports on your router for anything you wish. It’s important to note, contrary to what some think, you do not need to have your computer on in order for your VoIP service to work. You simply need to have some sort of high-speed Internet and connect the adapter to the Internet router and touch-tone phone.

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