holiday newsletter‘Tis the season for email marketing? While email newsletters probably aren’t the first thing that comes to mind when you think of the holidays, if you do plan to send some cheer this holiday season, there are some adjustments you’ll want to make to your email campaign. That’s why we decided to put together a short list of four ways you can add some joy to any holiday newsletters you send.

Create festive subject lines

With every newsletter you send, your subject line is crucial because it’s the first thing your subscribers see, and it ultimately determines whether or not they’ll even open your email. Your subject line is especially important during the holidays, as you can use it to highlight any special deals and sales your business has going on. When you’re crafting your subject line, remember that it’s important to not overwhelm your readers with too much text — after all, you don’t want your subject line to be so long that it doesn’t fit on the screen. Keep it simple, direct and to the point. The best way to make sure your subject line is the perfect length is to send a test email to yourself and check it on a computer and mobile device, which brings us to our next point.

Make sure it’s mobile-friendly

During the holidays, people are likely to be spending less time on their desktop computers and more time on their phones and tablets since they’re usually with family or traveling. Because of this, you’ll want to double and even triple check the mobile versions of your holiday newsletters. Some things to take into consideration for smaller screens are font size and font type, as you don’t want it to be too difficult to read on mobile. If your email marketing service doesn’t offer a mobile preview with each campaign you create, you can always send a test version to yourself to check on your own mobile device before sending it out to your subscriber list.

Consider adding emojis

Everyone loves emojis, which is why you see them everywhere these days, including business email newsletters. You can incorporate these animated characters into your holiday newsletters to spruce your content up a bit and to add some fun to your headlines and subject lines, especially during the holiday season with the snowman, gift box and Santa emojis — just to name a few examples. As with anything, when it comes to digital marketing and email campaigns, it’s important that you don’t overdo it, as using too many emojis or sending out too many emails can end up annoying your subscribers, which in turn can lead to being marked as spam or worse, losing subscribers altogether.

Remember, timing is important

The holiday season means holiday travel, holiday dinners, an increase in face-to-face interactions with family and friends and less time plugged in to a screen. This means that many people will be checking their emails less frequently, so you’ll want to take this into consideration when planning and scheduling your email newsletters. If you do plan to send out a newsletter close to Christmas Day or on New Year’s Day, for example, try sending a simple “Happy Holidays” or “Happy New Year” one that doesn’t contain any other content, or offer last-minute sales and deals for holiday gifts — everyone loves a good sale! You may also want to take a look at past years’ email marketing reports for November and December to see how many clicks and opens you had around the same time of year last year and adjust accordingly.

Sending a holiday newsletter can be fun, but if it’s not done carefully, the results could be the Grinch of the season. Following our tips above can help you spread some cheer without going overboard. Also, keep up with our email marketing blog to learn more about creating successful email campaigns.