healthy holidayAs turkey feasts and family arrival times begin to clutter your calendar, you may be wondering if it’s possible to stick to your diet during the holiday season. While you may be tempted to skip your diet for a few months and indulge in the festive goodies, you should know that there are some ways you can stay healthy — even when there are treats laid out everywhere you go. Here are four tricks you can try to make this holiday season a jollier, healthier and more diet-friendly one.

Eat before big meals

Go ahead — have a snack before that upcoming feast. Believe it or not, contrary to what your gut instinct may tell you, starving yourself before your next big food fest can actually lead to overeating. To reduce your chances of post-meal regret, avoid skipping breakfast and feel welcome to grab a small bite before concentrated chow-down time. If you don’t have time to pick up some healthy options from a grocery store, you can consider ordering snacks from a diet delivery service, which can cater to your needs and deliver your orders right to your door. Nutrisystem is a service to consider, as its menu offers perfectly portioned snack options ranging from chocolate chip cookies to sweet and salty snack mix to cheese puffs.

Consider portion sizes and yummy substitutes

We know that skipping holiday treats to eat healthy can make it difficult to give thanks, but lucky for you, there are ways for you to enjoy the festive food without going overboard. First, take advantage of your portion control skills, and be selective when it comes to deciding which items are getting a spot on your plate. You can even think of your plate as a sampler platter that only has a small amount of everything. To prevent yourself from overeating, you should aim to fill most of your dinner plate with vegetables, and then fill in the rest with other holiday staples, like those creamy mashed potatoes or that rich cranberry sauce. Also, consider passing on certain dishes to save your calories for your favorites. If you love maple pumpkin pie, for example, consider passing up on the appetizers to make room for a small slice later.

Another way to stick to your diet goals is to plan to opt for healthier but yummy substitutes. For example, try whipping up some mashed potatoes and replacing half of the potatoes with mashed cauliflower — your guests likely won’t even notice the change. If you’re not hosting, you can ask to bring a dish or two that you know you can indulge in — guilt-free. Those who want structured healthy options should consider a diet delivery service, as it can provide you with all of your healthy alternatives. Our top-rated service, Jenny Craig, is one service that features seasonal favorites and other delightful snacks on its menu, such as pumpkin spice cakes and apple crisp. The service even provides various holiday menus.

Try a structured meal plan that allows wiggle room for feasting

With the influx of holiday parties, long shopping lists, buttery biscuits and roasted turkey meals, it can be difficult to find the time and drive to eat healthy during the holiday season. To keep your body happy in an effortless way, consider subscribing to a structured diet delivery service that allots some flexibility for special meals. BistroMD’s full seven-day program is one such option that you could look into. For $179.95/week, the plan gives you seven breakfasts, seven lunches, six dinners and “My Night,” which is a time for you to eat out or enjoy your favorite foods. A plan like this can be helpful because it allows you to allot for that upcoming Thanksgiving feast or office party, for example, without completely falling off the wagon. You can also customize with BistroMD and choose to only receive dinners and lunches, for example, if you’d prefer to take part in breakfast at work every day.

Get active and festive at the same time

If you’ve accessed your Facebook profile or other social media platforms recently, you might have noticed holiday-themed walks and runs decorating your newsfeed. From ugly sweater walks to jingle bell runs, these festive events provide you with a number of ways to turkey trot your way to a healthy holiday season. Best of all, you can use these events as an excuse to spend cheery quality time with your friends and family while staying active. So, what are you waiting for? Pull on those sweaters, buckle up your Santa costume, belt out those carols and get ready to join the fun with some holiday spirit.

The holiday season can be hectic, but with these tricks up your sleeve, you can enjoy a more carefree and healthy holiday season. Now that you have a better idea of how to enjoy this holiday season, check out our reviews of the best diet delivery services, so you can learn more about the conveniences these programs offer you.