Discover card perks to know aboutWe wrote about how to choose which is the best Discover credit card for your lifestyle and needs, and while we briefly spoke about the great perks available to all Discover cardholders, we didn’t go into explicit detail about them. Owning a credit card these days means you get more than just a way to build your credit and make purchases — often, you get access to benefits and perks to make life a little smoother and sweeter. In this article, we’re highlighting three Discover card perks that everyone should know about, whether you already have a Discover credit card in your wallet or you’re simply considering getting one.

Don’t miss these Discover cardholder perks

While Discover offers a number of perks to those who own different Discover cards, we’re detailing three perks that all Discover cardholders can take advantage of.

Discover Deals

If you want to earn even more cashback rewards with your Discover card or take advantage of exclusive discounts, then Discover Deals is something you won’t want to miss. Accessible through the Rewards category when Discover cardholders log into their online accounts, Discover Deals features hundreds of offers from different merchants in categories like travel, entertainment, fashion and accessories and more. For example, cardholders can earn a 5% cash back bonus at (online only), (online only) and (online only). Some examples of instant savings include $5 off $50 at (online only), 5% off at (online only) and 20% off at Bath & Body Works (online only). You can sort through the available deals in a number of ways, from specific categories to the type of offer (cash back or savings), and Discover lets you bookmark deals you’re interested in for later. You can even sign up to receive email alerts when a deal you’ve saved is about to expire.

Discover Deals

Here’s an example of a current offer from Discover Deals.

The drawback of some of the deals, such as those that earn you additional cashback bonus, is that many of them can’t be combined with other deals offered by the merchant in question, and there are usually some limits on what purchases qualify. For example, if you click on a deal to earn 5% cashback bonus at a certain retailer, you can’t take advantage of an offer on the retailer’s website for a 20% off item or purchase a gift card and still earn 5% on what you spend. Also note that there is a time limit for some of the deals — e.g., check out using your Discover card within 3 hours from clicking the link. Still, if you don’t mind these hiccups and you want to earn more cash back or save money, Discover Deals is worth checking out.

Identity theft alerts

Another great perk for Discover cardholders is its new identity theft alerts feature, which you must opt into through your online account. You’ll get alerts in the instance that a new credit card, mortgage, auto loan or other credit account shows up on your Experian credit report, as well as indications if your social security number is found on any of the thousands of risky websites that Discover monitors. With identity theft presenting an ever-growing threat to people from all walks of life, any extra help when it comes to monitoring and protecting your sensitive data is welcome — especially when it comes complimentary with your credit card membership. Though it’s important to understand that these alerts won’t take the place of a dedicated identity theft protection service which employs three-bureau credit report monitoring, it can’t hurt to take advantage of this perk.

Freeze it

Although it’s been around for a few years now, Freeze it feature is still one of the best Discover card perks offered to customers. In the event that your credit card is lost or stolen, you can log into your Discover account from a computer or through the app and activate the Freeze it feature. Doing so temporarily disables your credit card to prevent new purchases, cash advances and balance transfers from being conducted. Once your credit card has been located, you can easily unfreeze it and continue using it. For those who have a habit of misplacing their wallets or accidentally leave their credit card at a restaurant or bar, the convenience of being able to temporarily disable their card in an instant rather than having to call Discover and go through the hassle of canceling and ordering a new credit card is invaluable. Note that certain transactions, including automatically recurring bills, account fees and interest, will continue to be processed while your card is frozen. It’s also important to note that if you believe your credit card is gone for good, you should contact Discover as soon as possible to get a new one.

While these Discover card perks are worth having, it’s important to also choose a credit card that’s right for you. Read our reviews of the best credit cards to learn more, and follow our personal finance blog for all the latest news and insights on making the most of what’s in your wallet.

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